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Dragon Slayer [Demo]
Author: Nick of All Trades Submitted: 18th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 231

Edited By joNick art on 11/3/2002

Do you remember the prewiev we wrote about a game: Dragon Slayer? Well if you don't, here is a demo of it. The graphic is pretty good, except from the main charather. He was one of the first thing we made to the test with "strings", wich was the begining of this game. And the upgrades of him didn't make it too much better, cause we added too dark shadeing. So he is probably the greatest graphic bug in this game. Note that thing, like the arrows and the rocks, are being graphical updated later in the game. We have a lots more to make on it, but it's worth it, we hope.

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Hope you enjoy it.

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Posted by Panu - Panusoft 19th October, 2002

Nice movement, and pretty nice (but weird :P) graphics.Btw u sure like nox.
Posted by Gongashplei 20th October, 2002

your screenshots are bmp! they are 1.3meg each! :O i had to wait 3 minutes to see them
Posted by This Guy 28th April, 2003

stupid bmp files






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