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Review: Reflex
Author: Nioreh
Added: 22/11/2002

Okay, this game has been done before... It's been done a lot of times before, and this game doesn't really provide anything new, but let's take a look at what it does provide.

You are presented with a small window that tells you what the game is about, how to play and that's about it. Then you press enter. There is a red light and a counter. When you least expect it (or maybe when you expect it but it suprises you.. nevermind...) it switches to green and the counter starts counting. That's when your'e supposed to press enter once again and see how quick you were. It's fun to a certain extent, but it's certainly not long lasting. It's hard, not to say impossible to get a score higher than 990 points since the human brain has its limits.

When you've filled the highscore with all 990's you just quit it and never start it again, and that's kind of sad. Not much time has been put into making graphics either, it's just a blue background and the light, plus a small rotating smileyface. The sound is basically just a midi, but sound is probably not even needed in a game like this.

Now that the download has been reduced to only 200 k's, it's still worth a download, just to test your reflexes, but don't expect a game, it's more just a funny app.

So who's got the quickest reflexes?


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