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Review: Pájaro Racing
Author: Ashman
Added: 23/11/2002

Well well well!

I put off downloading this for weeks....Buster kept insisting I download it. Finally I did. On average it was about what I expected. It was better in some areas, worse in others. On with the review.

*** GAMEPLAY ***
Look at the range!!! Thats what shocked me about this game. Theres so much to makes it fun and lastable....see lastability.

Good AI ( a little unrealistic but good none the less). A range of different breeds and attired Pajaro to alter your stats making each race new and exciting.

*** GRAPHICS ***
Mammamia! Some are really good.....others are pretty ordinary. Nothing major though...I WAS expecting better considering it won GOTW!

WOH!! Did I miss something here!!! I got past the Produced by screen with the damn peanut man that I hate!!!! (click on him on him NOW!!!!! ) and then it went to the menu's like...whoa!!

No real qualms here....good job.

*** Lastability ***
Best marks of the few games I play over and over. Plus it's got tonnes of things to do.

*** Overall ***
Not what I would call, GOTW worthy but still a reasonable game. Well done.


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