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Review: Pájaro Racing
Author: Broomie
Added: 08/09/2002

Hey Pajaro Racing is a superb game I think, and many others think so too. Pajaro Racing is a cool racing game where you race funky looking birds and try and win different hats. Firstly you goto the Hatchery and make your Pajaro, I love this bit. You have 5 different colours. And alot of hats. You can win unlocked hats in challened mode. And these hats can change your statistics. I like the blue bird with the afro. Then you race it. And when you are ready you can put Lil Pajaro to the chanllenge. Try and beat all your challengers to win different hats.


Gameplay is great, the racing is brilliant, when your pajaro is off the track depending on it's statistics, it can change speed, it can go very slow, or zoomin fast. It is a very nice game and has a hidden bonus game in it. Clues are in the main menu.


The game's presentation is great, very detailed levels and a fun main menu. A good game has alot of bright colours and this game has a lot of bright colours.


Very fun game, but once you played it and completed it, the challenge is a bit boring, but everything else is great and you might it's the sort of game where you are on your pc and you are bored so you click on the game and play VS mode or play with the computer.


Overall a fun and compelling game that you want to play over and over again. Download the game today.


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