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Review: A stupid family (adventure game)
Author: TS Team
Added: 25/11/2002

First Reaction:
"This is crap!"

Reaction After Playing:
"What a great game!"

Overall Review:
When I started the game, up came a disturbing crap of masterpiece...the graphics. While playing, I tought,"What a great game." This game was amazing. The engine was smooth and well programmed. Lack of graphics weren't nothing bothering me anymore because the gameplay was amazing. I like all the variety of sounds! Especially the murder scene of the sliced fish. Great job!

This is the number one thing of the entire game. Such fun and humour. I like the style of the game. An adventure in one roof top! Everything was smooth and I havent found any bugs. It was actualy a little funny. Although your graphics are bad, the gameplay made up for it a great, great deal.

I hate to say this about a great game, but the graphics were crap. It was well animated...other than that...crap! Cartoony but realy unskilled. Looks like little effort was put into this area. Other than the crappy drawings, the pre-made drawings were a major put-down of this great game. It was fairly original, but a fraction pre-made.

I love the sound. This also realy, realy makes up for the bad graphics. Nice murder scene sound especialy. Even the scene with the sleeping man on the couch had it's own unique music...I think. Great job, and a well done collection of great sound and music!

It was fairly original. It was obvious the Clickteam default back-drop object was made, obviously, by Clickteam. Other than that, it was fine I think. I believe it could have been way better if you had worked harder on the graphics. Everything else was, of course, original.

Final Quote:
"I love this game..."

Sound and Music:

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