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A stupid family (adventure game)
Author: Yikes Submitted: 18th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 553

Edited By Eiko on 11/20/2002

A stupid family is a adventure game.

It is about a little eight year old boy that kicked he's football into a spooky house. In the house there live a strange and angry family. There is:

Little Susy: A little girl that loves flowers and candy. She also loves pink. If she sees a playmate, the person is doomed. She will drag the poor victim inside her room and play dollys with him till he dies!

Bob: The father of the house. He hates everything that gets in he's way and he is extremely lazy. He often lies on he's couch, drinking beer while watching a bad movie.

Felix: A 10 year old boy that loves to blow up everything! He usually walks around in he's room with he's "skull" t-shirt while planning more hateful things.

Susanna: The mother of the house. She is a angry woman that walks around in her bad mornig clothes with a awful hair and a cup of coffee in her hand. She is nothing good to meet.

Rex: The mad dog that guards the garden. if you get any close to that beast, the rest of your life is as good as "DUST".

Little Jimmy (wich is the main character) will have to find stuff like a toothbrush, a battery, a box of chilly and other crazy stuff to get through rooms and dangers with monsters under the stairs, angry dads on the couch and much more!



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Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 18th November, 2002

links didn't work for me.
Posted by Simdrone052 18th November, 2002

am I sensing a bit of LBC(or whatever) HERE!?
Posted by Mindstorms 18th November, 2002

Posted by Buster 18th November, 2002

I need screenshots! :P
Posted by TS Team 19th November, 2002

In my area, LBC is a gang...
Posted by Mårten 19th November, 2002

Check out for LBC:
Posted by -Oka- 19th November, 2002

bandwidth limit... :P
Posted by Villy 19th November, 2002 save as target :p
Posted by Yikes 19th November, 2002

Thank you chicken 14528! Thank you for the good review! And in a house you can pick up MANY things that just lay around, but you need less than half of it! And by the way... I am going to make a better version VERY soon! That version has more abillitys! Like more deaths and more details and fixed bugs! And in this house you just go in to get your ball !Cause you see... The boy that you are is VERY stupid! Thanks again for your wonderful review chicken!
Posted by Yikes 19th November, 2002

Oh and... TRY TO DRINK THE SLEEPING MAN'S BEER! It is fun! And when you click at the beer, you will start walking in direction of it, but when you get near the man, you have to press many times on the beer to walk QUIETLY near the man... When you drink the beer, you get to see the fish chopping lady's face!
Posted by Yikes 19th November, 2002

Posted by Yikes 19th November, 2002
Posted by Yikes 19th November, 2002

Oooops... That didn't work, but anyway... It is now upgraded! (less bugs and more abillitys...
Posted by Yikes 19th November, 2002

What is lbc?
Posted by Broomie 19th November, 2002

i so badly want to download this game but none of the links work, it sounds cool.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 20th November, 2002

yeah they dont work for me either.
Posted by Villy 20th November, 2002 this one is working :)
Posted by Villy 20th November, 2002

and i'am Psycho ( :p
Posted by Yikes 21st November, 2002

WOW! My game is on "game of the week" voting! COOL! It would be so incredible cool if i won!
Posted by Phredreeke 21st November, 2002

cool game, although I suggest you implent a save feature.
Posted by The Green Stranger 21st November, 2002

DUH!!!!! The dload link dosen't work! DUUUUUUUH!!!! :P
Posted by Yikes 21st November, 2002

Why does half of the people that try to download the game, fail? Why does the download link not work but some people like me can download it? HUH? WHAT IS WRONG WITH INTERNET? AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
Posted by Yikes 21st November, 2002

And saving? Psycho will make saving later...
Posted by Villy 21st November, 2002

i will upload it to another server when saving is done :)
Posted by Danny 21st November, 2002

Hey yall... i'm kinda new. so how do u make gamez
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 22nd November, 2002

nice game man!, but I don't think this game is worth a 9!
Posted by Yikes 22nd November, 2002

Yup! Agree! Not worth a 9! But maybe a 6 or 5! VOTE FOR MY GAME FOR GOD DAMMIT!
Posted by The Green Stranger 22nd November, 2002

Finally! The dload link works! YAHOO!!!
Posted by Yikes 22nd November, 2002

That's great! Psycho has got the game now, so in a while there will be SAVING!
Posted by Villy 22nd November, 2002

saveing will be done and uploaded at sunday<---(søndag) :)
Posted by conrad 22nd November, 2002

Good game!! really good or what do you say psycho?
Posted by conrad 25th November, 2002

Hi! Psycho have load up the game with saving now, read more here
Posted by TS Team 25th November, 2002

Realy good engine, but the graphics are crap. Do you need any sprites? I'm good at making sprites but I never released any games made this year.
Posted by Villy 25th November, 2002

i'am going to talk to eiko about doing a stupid family 2.. so if we do it sprites will we need:)
Posted by Villy 25th November, 2002

oo nice review
Posted by ~gamerz~ 23rd August, 2004

The Link works






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