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Review: One Step From Reality (chapter one)
Author: TS Team
Added: 28/11/2002

Overall Review:
This game is geer-reat! *Tony the Tiger.
Anyways, nice game. I like the nice smooth engine especially. No bugs I can think of, and I'm not retarded so... Again, anyways, nice graphics too. Could use a better map, if you ask me. Oh yes, and nice thing to put the save feature. I like, I like! Well done game I would say. You also have alot of sounds. This game is very fun, but I suck at can't beat one thing in this game. Well worth looking at!

This game is very fun to play. You play a dumb wizard who wants to kick some other wizard's ass...right? Right! Nice plot. Good gameplay, it's very fun and bugless. I like the feature of the inventery. The button's look kool too. You can grab, touch, interact, look at, and talk to almost most of the things! Great job indeedy!

Well drawn, I would say, and greatly animated. Nice barber shop. Nice hair...*laughs to self. Nice chosen variety of colors too. Besides click talking, over 50 objects!

Alot of sound. Very well heard also. Well chosen too. Nice selection! Music is also very, very great! Can use a little walking sound. That would make the game 10 percent better! I give the sound my average rating! Good job!

First Reaction:
"This game is the shiz! Great job! Awesome. Oool la la! OOO laty da!"

Recommend Downloading?:
Yes, you've got to get this game!

Your good as a graphics artist, and a click programmer! I hope to see future games from you as well. Keep up the good work, and I will keep up the good reviews! Wait...and the games I make also *laughs to self. Haha, great job by the way! I give you my best of luck!

Chris Long of TS Team

P.S. Boy is it hard to write 1500 characters! Just kidding, just kidding. In the future, I'll try to keep out the nonsense! Bye bye poeple!

Sound and Music:

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