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One Step From Reality (chapter one)
Author: Death Reaper X Submitted: 28th November, 2002 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 555
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This is the first chapter in the One Step From Reality series (planning three more---but this depends on if enough people enjoy the game). Please read the osreadme.doc for instructions on how to play!

You take on the role of Brian, a pretty useless wizard who's been given the duty to get rid of an evil wizard known as Bob whom is pretty much invincible. The only way to get rid of him is by using a magic staff that will teleport him to another dimension, and this staff belongs to your grandfather.

Which is fine, until you note the fact that he's actually dead and you have no idea where his body is. Not only that, but you will need 5 magic ingredients to get it working again!

There are possibly a few minor bugs remaining, but nothing that should stop you completing the game. If you do find a serious bug, then let me know.

Honestly, the game is a tad too easy. But this is only the first chapter, the puzzles will get more difficult in future chapters so don't worry!

Unlike there scurvyliver et al games there is only 1 slot for saving which you use via the map screen.

So...enjoy the game!

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Posted by TS Team 28th November, 2002

This game is great. Need's a better map, thats all. Writing review...
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

Cheers for the review! :) Lol you say you can't beat anything? Muz said it was too easy. Damn you people! lol
Posted by Mårten 28th November, 2002

Since no body has mentioned Simon the Sorcerer I thought I'd do us all the favor... Simon the Sorcerer
Posted by Seph 28th November, 2002

Sweetness, another Click adventure game. Seems good #downloads#
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

Eve yeh a few mentioned on the preview already :)
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

temporarily taking the link down, i will let you know when it's back up.
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

version 1.2 is being uploaded now with the same name.
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

Version 1.2 has now been uploaded. Same link:, just fixed an inventory bug.
Posted by Buster 28th November, 2002

This is cool! How do I get that damn duck though?
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

Keep trying! :) If you really wanna know then email me, I better not say on here though. XD
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

Note: others that already downloaded the original version can still play the game :)
Posted by Daniel 28th November, 2002

Hmm, why does this game remind me of the Discworld? Aside from the fact the main character is a useless Wizard, it looks similar to the Discworld point and clicky games, has an "Assassins guild" etc? I'll try it anyway.
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

True, yet there are many monkey-island style games been made with klik :)
Posted by Razorshark Productions 28th November, 2002

Very nice game, although I agree with eve about simon... But there are somany games nowadays that have elements of other games that I don't like to look at their similarities anymore... Goodluck with your further gamedevelopment Lad..8)
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

Lol well if you get to the ending you'll see the location for the next chapter is rather different ;)
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 28th November, 2002

Maybe it's because I had the version prior to 1.2, but after I talked to the vampire shopkeeper I got a buttload of items, including the broken staff, duck, fairy dust, and some other things. Also, please add a way to advance text because I got bored quickly with the slow dialog.
Posted by vortex2 28th November, 2002

cool game, i beat it, and i cant wait for the next chapter, although some parts of it were a bit hard :P.
Posted by vortex2 28th November, 2002

oh btw you need to upgrade to the new version then, as that didnt happen to me and i have 1.2.
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

Lol Matt I thought I got rid of that bug. Uploading new version now. Yeh originally the speed was quicker but people complained so I had to make it slower. What I'll do in the next chapter is make it customisable either by changing the speed or by pressing space etc. Vortex: glad ya liked it! :) It seems to be quite hard to judge the difficulty as everybody's finding it different. Spose it's the same with any game tho :)
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

Taking it off to upload new version. Won't be long peeps :)
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th November, 2002

Ok it's now once again up for upload. Version 1.3.
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 29th November, 2002

cool adventure game, reminds me of Discworld. Keep on the good work!
Posted by Georgie 29th November, 2002

I'm not sure if anyone else had this problem or you fixed it. But at the barber scene, I picked up the spray cans and apparently they were filled with cats, milk, brooms, pillows, cards, ect. I think I got about 20 items from that spot.
Posted by Death Reaper X 29th November, 2002

georgie did that remain in version 1.3?
Posted by Death Reaper X 29th November, 2002

Cheers Eggy! :)
Posted by slipknot 6 sic 6 29th November, 2002

:( can't find the fariy dust
Posted by Death Reaper X 29th November, 2002

Have you got into the shadow guild yet slipknot? If you're still stuck email em and i'll tell you the solution. Keep trying though!
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 30th November, 2002

I can't find the fairy dust too, but I'm in the shadow guild.
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 30th November, 2002

I just finished chapter 1, cool game, the puzzles are not hard, but also not too simple Please make chapter 2!
Posted by Death Reaper X 30th November, 2002

The difficulty is pretty hard to judge as everybody's different. Even if you made 2 versions, everybody would still choose the hard one because they wouldn't want the lesser one lol :) I have planned to make chapter 2 more difficult though ;)
Posted by Muz 1st December, 2002

Really, I thought this game was WAY too easy. I mean, c'mon...the answers to almost all the puzzles were said. I finished it in less than an hour without a walktrough and the beta was slightly harder than the final. But that's just me...
Posted by Death Reaper X 1st December, 2002

Muz lol yeah I know :D *bows head in shame*
Posted by Death Reaper X 1st December, 2002

cheers for da review muzta! XD
Posted by TS Team 1st December, 2002

Yup :)
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 1st December, 2002

yes, make chapter 2 harder!
Posted by Seph 2nd December, 2002

Me got lots to say about this game First of all, I encountered a bug in version 1.3. Whenever I save, I can no longer get into the church, even BEFORE I do what you're meant to do in there (I won't say what, spoilers ^_^) Secondly, what do you do once in the shadow guild? All I see is black. Finally, great game overall ^_^
Posted by Death Reaper X 2nd December, 2002

Seph: Did you get my email?
Posted by Death Reaper X 2nd December, 2002

I tried the saving thing and it didn't happen. Hmmm. Which means it's probably to do with some item confliction, not the saving :( Ick. If you try it again can you give me a list of what items you have?
Posted by Lucas 7th December, 2002

This game totaly is like a discworld book! Which is not a bad thing!
Posted by Super_sonic2000 8th December, 2002

How do yall put smilies
Posted by Lew 9th December, 2002

Yaaay lol :) Discworld meets Simon! Great game :D!
Posted by Death Reaper X 10th December, 2002

Posted by Elvn 29th January, 2003

Was this game inspired from Discworld: Missing Presumed? (Which rocks!) The game kinda looks like it! Looks like a cool game!
Posted by Dark One Entertainment 3rd April, 2003

Nice graphics
Posted by ante 17th May, 2003

is very good :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Posted by Broomie 21st July, 2003

This game is amazing, expect a review
Posted by Jatzek(DreamEvil Corp) 4th September, 2003

Hehe... everybody is stuck in the shadow guild:) So as I:) Can you mail me the solution Reaper?:) Thx... BTW, really cool game, can't wait till chapter 2;)))
Posted by Jatzek(DreamEvil Corp) 4th September, 2003

hey! I got through:) I don't need the solution Reaper:)) but it's a bit hard to see, what is that;o) Ohh, now I'm stuck again:((( Fairy:(((
Posted by Beeb 30th December, 2003

Hey. This is a new post for an older game, does anyone know when chapter two is coming out? Thanks.
Posted by Rutee 21st July, 2004

An alright puzzle adventure game, i guess. (-_-)? It'll be great when Chapter 2 comes with adjustable text speed.






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