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Review: Sally: Quest for the Power Stones
Author: Georgie
Added: 21/12/2002


There is none, this is a demo so I guess one will come in the later versions


This is a Sonic Fan game, but by golly! There is no Sonic in it! Instead you are a anipal called Sally who is equiped with a grapling hook. Even though you can't do the sonic burst attack and go flying around the levels, the grappling hook comes with its own set of fun.

You can grapple walls then climb them, shoot enemies with the hook, or you can even swing from the grappling hook to fly over to a distant ledge. I don't think this is the first time someone has used the grapling hook as an attack and made it ussable. BUt this game's grapliing hook actually works right. After you play with the grapling hook you can figure out how to use it pretty well.

This one is much like the First Sonic game as to you have to pay attention to your surroundings, not just go flying over edges like a bird with no care in the world. It took me awhile to figure that out, and also 20 deaths. But after I slowed down a tad bit I beat all of these levels without dying once.

I personally think the Boss Level is a bit too hard and not very clear on where you are suppose to attack from. But with unlimited lives you can probably figure it out.


Well they are ripped sonic graphics, but they also are much like the ones in the Sonic Games so its not as bad. They also have their animations set so its not just alot of pastted sonic badies on the screen. They actually move around.

The only problem I have with the game is the mountain background which I think comes from the library. Its just that it doesn't move at all, it also looks out of touch with the rest of the game.


Comes with the sonic game sounds and music, DUH!


Well after you play this game once, there is no need to play it again so there really is no lasting factor. This is also a short demo of 3 levels and a boss.


The best Sonic Fan Game I have ever played and had a nice touch with the grappling equiped with Sally. I hope this game is finished but I want some save spots or passwords for the levels. I always hated having to play the entire game straight without quiting. That always made me quit the Origonal Sonic.

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