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Review: The Line
Author: Matt Boothman
Added: 28/12/2002

Review of The Line.
What can I say... The Line is one of the best games I have downloaded from the Daily Click. Right from the brilliant title screen to the Internet high scores, this game was cool.
The idea of the game is to move along the line while dodging yellow things, flattening monsters, avoiding red particles, collecting wavesavers (I think) and most importantly, not falling of the end of the Line.

Presentation 10/10
Great. You can really see a theme to this game, not just a load of clashing colours (memo to self, must remember to do that in next game).

Gameplay 10/10
The strongest element of this game. Fun, but hard. It makes you want to try again, unlike some games when you think "What is the point?". A combination of kill, run, stop and hang will make sure you will want to try again.

Graphics 10/10
Not particularly hard to draw (no shading), but the graphics fit the game perfectly. The little dude (you) is mint, especially when he hangs off the line. Also, the title screen is perfect, I wish my games had half as good graphics as this one.

Sounds and Music 8/10
I'd give the music 7, but the sounds 9. The musics where midis of mostly dance tunes, but they don't sound out of place. The sounds were good, mainly whizzes and pops, but they weren't mmf/tgf/knp samples.

Lastability 10/10
Another strong point. The high scores were an added touch, I could not even get near the amount, though (I need to practice more).

1. Make the extras more accessible (I didn't know what to do).
2. That's it!

Overall 10/10
A great game, if you only download one game from Daily Click this year, make it The Line.

P.S I can't wait for The Line 2...

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