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The Line
Author: Beppo Submitted: 27th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 1097
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Your world is yellow. Your world is neverending. Your world is an unidimensional world. Your world is The Line. The Line is all and nothing. And, finally, The Line is flat. Nothing moves, nothing exists. But now your world is going to be destroyed by an unknown force. So, in this flat world, something start to move: you. You are Wavell, the Unexpected Wave, and you want only survive from the destruction of your world. But your world is now become a dangerous place. Energy all over it's flatness created destructive waves, like the Snawaves. Energetic explosions, as line refluxes and bubbles. You are in danger, but you can't return to be a flat line: you must run. So, let's run!!

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Posted by Muz 27th December, 2002

Good game...but your site hurts my eyes.
Posted by Adam Dobay 27th December, 2002

Perfect game. Simple yet highly challenging and also simple but very neat graphics. Still, I couldn't get a hundred points yet :) Nice work, Beppo!
Posted by Shen 27th December, 2002

This is cool but weird...
Posted by Muz 27th December, 2002

Damn... my name's filling up the high score list. Someone else... beat my score! Getting over 100 is easy. Just avoid the stuff, keep walking right if you can, and get as many of those line savers whenever possible. It takes a while to get used to. You gotta be as nerdy as me :P.
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 27th December, 2002

so muz wats ur high score
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 27th December, 2002

this game's crazy fun. nice and original. and challenging too.
Posted by Reaven 27th December, 2002

awsome theme and spazzy intro, kewl ...
Posted by Jon Chambers 27th December, 2002

You may wanna credit Robert Miles for the music track. I don't blame you for using it, I've used it in one of my non-uploaded games. Though, you should still credit him.
Posted by Evil Monkey 27th December, 2002

I find the controls hard to get used to. Other than that, it's great! :)
Posted by Muggus 27th December, 2002

Not bad at all...very original and fun :D
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 27th December, 2002

This is pretty cool,original,and VERY WIERD.
Posted by CYS 27th December, 2002

Very good game! With very detailed animation. ...those things flying all over keeps distracting me! >:( ...
Posted by Nobuyuki 27th December, 2002

Jon: rule 1 of the DC, everyone rips off other people and never gives credit. The screens and description of the game make me think SFDR meets Vib Ribbon...
Posted by Ashman 27th December, 2002

I am only downloading cos of the cool description! ;) Well done there!
Posted by Ashman 27th December, 2002

I was never really sure what I was doing to be graphics though...they would have been a bitch to do! :)
Posted by Buster 27th December, 2002

This is pretty cool. I'ts been very well made.
Posted by JJ45 28th December, 2002

Now only if it changed the resolution to 320x200/240 since my normal res. is 1024x764 :) that's my problem ofcourse! I can always change the resolution (but not to 320x2xx)
Posted by Partack 28th December, 2002

wow verry impessive game.. allthough i cinda didnt kno what was a enemie and what was a goodie..
Posted by JJ45 28th December, 2002

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWWOOOOOOOOWWWW I GOT OVER 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look @ my score!!!!! I have all the cheesy extras :P:P:P:P
Posted by LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) 28th December, 2002

Fun, Original, Nicely Animated, a great game.
Posted by Beppo 28th December, 2002

Heihei, tanks everyone for the good comments, I really didn't think that this game will be so pleasent!! Podunkian, SFDR was really the ispiration for this game. I think I've told this in the story of the game (in the extras), i don't remember... sorry if i didn't do that, because SFDR is one of my favourite games, really fun and original. Maybe I wrote in the readme?? Azz... Don't know!! Sorry again!! And sorry to all for my english... I'm only a little poor stupid dement italian boy :D
Posted by Muz 28th December, 2002

W00t! I finally got 480! XD Who's the geek with 1489? Damn. I used to rule the scores list when everyone had only about 40 or so... :| I'm writing a review on this tomorrow. :P
Posted by Nobuyuki 28th December, 2002

Beppo, this game is a ton of fun actually! Very nice use of the bullet object. This game doesn't alter the registry, does it?
Posted by Muz 28th December, 2002

Nobuyuki, don't give him such ideas. :P
Posted by Beppo 28th December, 2002

Registry?? Hemm... Heeee... Hep... Yes, it does... but is the only way I know for record scores and extras...:P
Posted by Coolsoft Games 28th December, 2002

screenshots look slightly like BI-nary...
Posted by -_darkman_- 28th December, 2002

how do i dodge that thing that fires at you,cant get past 70
Posted by Matt 28th December, 2002

Posted by ctrl alt supr 28th December, 2002

awesome game! the controls are a little hard to use and those beam-things flying around catch me when i'm flatting the snawaves...
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 28th December, 2002

This is sooooooo addictive. Plus, the unlockables are a great addition. It actually gives me incentive to get a high score.
Posted by Beppo 29th December, 2002

10/10... I'm... Commoved... I feel like a little happy child...:D
Posted by Zip 29th December, 2002

how did you do the gfx they are amazing
Posted by OOOPPPs 29th December, 2002

There you go.. another review of ur excellent game =)
Posted by :JULI@N: 30th December, 2002

what is "alter the registry"?
Posted by Beppo 31st December, 2002

I'm working on a safer score page, because this was hackered simply... Soon avaiable with the new safer version of the game:).
Posted by Darklord 1st January, 2003

Wow! This game is great!
Posted by Mk 2nd January, 2003

Incredible! This game is fantastic! ;)
Posted by Beppo 2nd January, 2003

Posted by Beppo 3rd January, 2003

I think there is something REAL STRANGE in this GOTW... I don't like this story...
Posted by Mk 5th January, 2003

Nooooo, there isn't nothing strange :D
Posted by hozz 5th January, 2003

hehe, this is the most bizare, weirdest, and most.... addictive game of all!
Posted by Jason Orme 5th January, 2003

This game is confusing, too confusing for my liking, althought the graphics are neat
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 5th January, 2003

this goes to show a 'Newbie' rating doesn't at all meen a newbie to click products.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 5th January, 2003

This game is OK.It DEFINITELY doesnt deserve a 10 although its retty good.The game has a crapload of things flying at you and only a few are enemies and its hard to see.The charadcter also reacts too slow.Its pretty neat though so id like to see a better,faster sequel.
Posted by Beppo 6th January, 2003

It will be faster, bigger, more complex line. I'm searching ideas for enemies... Someone had some??
Posted by ????? 21st January, 2003

Good Game.... Not Really my style though... The GFX were Hell Good! Very Impressive!
Posted by Smeggy 30th January, 2003

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh :)
Posted by Forrest Thurman 14th December, 2003

I got 328 but now I can't even get near that amount now
Posted by Rutee 21st July, 2004

I guess it's alright but it's difficult to see and it gets kind of boring after a while. I gotta agree that the reaction of the character is also a bit slow...
Posted by erghhhhx 12th July, 2009
Rated :

Very cool game, but sadly it gets boring quite fast.






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