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Review: IronBoot PuzzleTron
Author: Broomie
Added: 17/01/2003


By Ashman

Okay to start off with this review I would just like to say WOW! What a great game, I was pursuaded By Ashman to download and I did. Thanks there, and then he asked me to review it, and I was like, I was going to anyway. Oh yes the review it self needs to be done so lets start.


Ahh, the presentation was brilliant, I liked that part of the game, it had an okay title screen, and the rest was good so well done there with the presentation.


The style of the gameplay was very similar to BANANARAMA by Akira from Natomic Studios with the grid kind of movement. On each level you have to push blocks, collect the stars and rockets and reach the green thing which gets you to the next level. Very addictive by the way


The graphics were alright aswell, the animations were nice and so were the level backdrops. And the pencil necks were quite cool aswell. This game had alot of cool graphics which made the game more enjoyable to play. So well done with them Ashman!!!


The music fitted in perfectly with the environment on the levels, if there was just a blank screen with the music from this game you could tell it's a good puzzle. The music from the start is okay aswell.


It's a puzzle game, so the lastability has to be good. And i'm quite sure it is, and will. I love puzzle games and I play them quite alot. So if anyone else is like me you would do the same as well. I rekon I will be playing this at the end of the new year, no i'm not crazy, I still play BANANARAMA. So I gave the lastability a good rating.

And now for the big one. The OVERALL JUDGEMENT OF THE GAME!!!


Overall this is a great game and could be GOTW hopefully,unless Eternal Daughter 2 comes out. Then your screwed. But this is a good game and I recommend it to all the puzzle fans. Great job Ashman

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