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Review: Rumbeard the Pirate
Author: Eric
Added: 25/01/2003

When I first saw this game, I remember back in the day playing Pirates Gold and having a great time. Although the maker of this games attempt was not to make a pirates gold game, it still leaves you wanting more. It could really be a game of any sort, collecting things and killing off things. The game could be a game about a fat man collecting donuts and killing off health workers. What im trying to say, is that besides the graphics the theme for the game doesnt really make you believe what your playing. The fun factor will last, but not for long. The graphics are good, which are 3d rendered from what I understand. This is most clear when the ship turns or rotates. The water though stays in the same wave position and looks like your sailing over iced water. The noise is alright, but the constant voice can be annoying if your listening to it on headphones tends to drowned out the music. The music is pretty good and makes you think about pirates and the sea if the samples dont over run it. The gameplay is simple, collect the barrels and attack the opposing ships, don't run into the land or run into a ship or lose a life. To keep you collecting the barrels the food supply drains slowly. Interesting things like spells and such add to the fun of the game. Its presentation is rather nice and not sloppy or painful to look at, but rather refreshing. I tried to review this game fair to someone who might like it. So overall, if you like a short action game this is for you, if you want an adventure or discovery its not.

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