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Rumbeard the Pirate
Author: Tiles Submitted: 21st January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 603
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a small shooter/pickup game.
Rumbeard the Pirate and his crew are some party loving bastards.Unfortunately the Rum is always empty,when the party is at its highest level.So Rumbeard has to get more Rum.Luckily there are a lot of sunken ships,which are spitting out some Rumbarrels from time to time.So go and catch the barrels.The next Party is waiting....

gamegoal is to pick up rumbarrels to let rumbeard and his crew have party.
from level to level it gets more difficult to pick up all rumbarrels,because the other countries doesnīt like having pirates sailing around...and when there are no more lives left,the game is over.

the game speech-samples is in german,but thatīs not this important in this game.the only important words are:"lager sind voll"
,which means:the stores of the ship are full,and will be told,when there are no more rumbarrels in the current level.and after this the lockgate of the homeport is sail back and have party

an english howto in html is inside the setupfile

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Posted by Hayo 21st January, 2003

wow looks nice!..i ll download it.
Posted by DanielRehn 21st January, 2003

I can't see the pics..
Posted by DanielRehn 21st January, 2003

I can't see the pics..
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 21st January, 2003

Can't download it for some reason...
Posted by ACE_Spark 21st January, 2003

Those graphics looked ripped, but I'm not complaining about that because: a) Their ripped well. Nice job. b) They go together. c) They look cool! :-D The game's summit that you'd see on the v-cade, nice idea. Ps. Since I couldn't get that far, I just want to know, is the anything special that happens after you complete a certain amount of levels? I.e a Boss Battle or something? How-ever here's some tips for a squeal -: More variaterty in levels. Bosses (if possible, but if it changes the style of the game too much, then forget it.) Ps. What game is the graphics ripped from?
Posted by bigdave 21st January, 2003

dont wanna get into another conversation about double posts, but i believe this is a quadrupal post... game looks nive, downloading
Posted by Tiles 21st January, 2003

@ ace-spark:ripping?RIPPING? LOOOL never thought that my graphics are THIS good ;-) take a look at my page( ) to get a look at the rest of my the way,all my graphics are for free,and made with truespace from caligari.ripped...i never ripping but rendering until truespace gets sick ;-) for the other points,well,maybe next time.i donīt think that bosses would be good in this game.itīs a simple and quick game,without big goals,except getting as much points as possible :-) this was a small thing between two big projects...and i am tired of the bugs in mmf at the moment.even in this game i had to rebuild it 4 times to get events back to work."hanging"bullets,jumping counters(that was really funny,every time the counter changed,it changed its screenposition,too...) not working download?hmm,i donīt have problems using leech get.well,try this:go to my page and try the button for download there,using save target as...:
Posted by ZeroTau 21st January, 2003

A 2D game should not be 3D-rendered!! GUAAAH! That's cheating!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 21st January, 2003

Could be something to do with the fact that I'm behind the University firewall, but none of the links you provided work, no matter whether copy and pasted or Save Target As-ed.
Posted by Tiles 22nd January, 2003

so i think itīs your firewall thing...try another pc...i have heard of a service to let send you downloads via email,but i canīt remember where i heard about that :-P.i would send you the file by mail,but my mailserver does have a limit for upload:maximum 2mb... because of rendered 2d graphics:how do you think do all the gamemaking factories doing their graphics?painting them,and scanning in?or painting it in a paintprogram?Abeīs odyssey?the settlers?drawed in oilcolour?naaa...:-P they all using renderprograms,and ,if needed, they use speical cartoon shaders.nearly all is rendered in the proffesional 2d gamegraphics scene. so itīs not cheating,it`s simply faster and better looking than drawing it with an pencil most of the times.i also love handmade sprites and graphics.but for me it would be too much work:a sprite with nearly 300 single animationspictures would take me months to draw.3d-modelling ,painting the model,animating and rendering needs upon a week or two,which is long enough ;-)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd January, 2003

The computer just acts as if the site doesn't exist.
Posted by Tiles 22nd January, 2003

the only thing i can tell you:it exists ,really,it exists... try the main entrance: htttp:// if you canīt connect to this site,you really have some trouble.another thought:internet explorer:options,security... or install leechget or another downloadmanager,maybe this should work. and another try:maybe you know somebody,who can download the file for you... strange ,really strange....
Posted by Tiles 22nd January, 2003

grr,posting... here:
Posted by ACE_Spark 22nd January, 2003

They aren't ripped?! Hoo boy, you've got SOME REAL GOOD TALENT! I thought it was ripped from CIV3 or summit. Hey, do you have an instant messenger?
Posted by @tomic 22nd January, 2003

I think it's a bit boring, and all time is the same
Posted by Probe 22nd January, 2003

Nice grafics but after a while you get bored...
Posted by Anya 22nd January, 2003

Nah, I don't think this game is at all boring. And I love the sound effects.
Posted by Tiles 22nd January, 2003

hmm,well,itīs a SMALL pacman or something like this for some hours,an you also get bored... but thatīs just my little oppinion :-) @ace-spark:thanx :-) icq,or if necessary:mail me :-) but beware,unfortunately i donīt have sparetime left to do stuff for others...busy busy busy..
Posted by SpaceD 22nd January, 2003

Those sound effects are hilarious! Are they in another language? Did you make those too?
Posted by Tiles 23rd January, 2003

yes,they are made using my own voice,several free soundsamples,cool edit and modplug tracker... i am german,so the voice samples are in german ;-)
Posted by Tiles 23rd January, 2003

and some news:i uploaded a new version because of 2 small,not this important,bugs:the red square under the ufo is gone now.and you canīt shoot anymore while driving from your homeport to the levelstartpoint, and while your ship is sunken(game over). the download url is the same,but the setup will be made into a new folder:Rumbeard the Pirate 1-1. you can try what you want,you always miss something ...
Posted by Andre Gascoigne 23rd January, 2003

Earl the fish is so much better. ok, so it isn't but anyway... lol good work, keep it up
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 24th January, 2003

I worked it out. It's because of the port :1059 in the URL, and the University firewall blocks most ports that aren't HTTP. Still doesn't mean I can download it, sadly.
Posted by Tiles 25th January, 2003

hmm,i reactivated my old ,10 mb limited this is a special download url just for you ,wong ;-) also,watch your email... well,if this will not work ,i donīt know what will :-P
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th January, 2003

After the biggest effort to get a game reviewed ever... Reviewed!
Posted by Matt Boothman 25th January, 2003

The sea graphics are ripped (don't lie). That leads me to the conclusion that all the game's graphics are ripped. Sorry.
Posted by Tiles 27th January, 2003

take a look at my page: the graphics are ALL made with truespace 4.3 by selfmade graphis are the mainpieces of my page.and all my games are made out of them... the water was made with metaballs and marble layer.the wall around the sea is also made out of some metaballpieces.only the beachpieces are made by drawing them in a paintprogram. the ships are started with cubes,extruding them to a ship shape...and then added all the small things at it...the mountains were made with primitives plus tsx,and then also painted with marble layer...even the grass is made with my lovely marble layer...i love this shader :-D why should i lie?is there a reason for it? no! i am making graphics with truespace since ` after this long time i simply had enough time to get some feeling for it...and i am able to create such graphics.and thatīs it. i will never use ripped graphics.there is no need to ripp them.making them by myself is more fun . i could send you the original scenes,but why should i?
Posted by The Gonz 29th January, 2003

Tiles, don't sweat fucknozzles like Scorpion Entertainment who bitch about shit and have to pick apart games because they can't do anything even remotely good. Ripped or not ripped graphics, who gives a flying fuck? As long as the game is fun. After all, you're nothing but a bunch of amateurs. You aren't getting paid, so shut the fuck up. There's always some stupid fuck that has to make a big deal out of nothing. Great game, lots of fun!
Posted by Galaxy613 1st February, 2003

It looks cool and Wong Chung Bang gave a great review so I'm downloading!
Posted by Gamhead 6th April, 2003

looks grate ;)






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