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Review: Finger Stretcher (Playtest)
Author: funkyseaweed
Added: 26/01/2003

There isn't much to say about this game really because the author did a good job but here goes...

This game title got me interested. It sounded like a quite athletic game... Having downloaded it, I realised it was more to do with skill. Maybe more to do with hand-eye coordination than finger stretching but onwards.

Game play: The game appears simple but the game play is good. The background is plain black and there isn't any animation as such but it is sufficient for the type of game. Testing my own speed and ability was fun and useful and the most annoying buzzes can be avoided by getting hits or even aces, a perfect hit. I didn't find any bugs and I especially liked the customisable levels as well as random generation. The game is played by watching the scrolling arrows carefully and pressing the corresponding arrow key when necessary. This seems possibly a little boring but I found it quite fun. Not exactly action but a well made game with the bonus of being customisable.

Sound and music: The sounds were a little disappointing with no music and only a few simple samples, the annoying buzzes which were very annoying when I missed, and a good incentive to improve my skill and reflexes!!

Graphics: These were simple but adequate for this types of game. It wasn't really centered around graphics and sounds, more concentration and skill.

Overall: The customisation was the best thing about this game, as the author said. Better than most reflex testers, speed and the actual number and positions of the arrows are customisable. I liked this as it stopped the game from getting boring. It aslo caters for all levels of skill which I think is useful, being quite bad at games in general. Reflexes are also very important in game playing and generally in life so hopefully this game can help us all

Final verdict: Might not keep you playing all day, but for a good while at least. I would recommend stretching your fingers and your brain by downloading this

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