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Finger Stretcher (Playtest)
Author: Muggus Submitted: 26th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 318

Edited By Shen on 1/26/2003

It's been a while since i've submitted anything at all, but here we go...

I started this game a few years ago, basically it's a DDR type game where you have to press a key depending to the corresponding arrow, and if you hit it you get a point or whatever and if you miss then to shame.

In this playtest you get a pretty dodgy looking play screen with your 4 direction pad things where the arrows move into.
If you get the arrow at the right time you will record at HIT or ACE if you get it dead-centre...if you mistime it you'll get an ERROR and if you miss completely you'll get a horrible MISS followed by an annoying buzzing sound, just to put you off.

The cool thing that got me interesting in continuing this game is the customisablility...
You can change the speed in which the arrows move, the skill (which is the rate they come at), and the number of moves you want before the end.

When your done you goto a nice LEVEL COMPLETE screen where you are given plenty of nice information, like pecentage hit, miss and aced...and you also given a ratio and grade.

It's good to just play around with and test your reflexes to see how well you can do and eventually get better and better, until you get too bloody fast and can't see the arrows as anything more than a blur!

Arrows for the corresponding arrow pad
Mouse to click on buttons
Left and right click on Skill, Move and Speed to customise them

Upcoming Features
I have a recording feature you can use, but it's pretty dodgy, so I might fix that.
Addition of songs to play to with moves, like in DDR.
An inbuilt MP3 player that creates moves to the music
Combos and style bars like in DDR so you can grab extra points
Actual play modes where you have to complete different skills and speeds and achieve grades to move onto the next one.

Please feel free to give me suggestions on what I can fix, add, get rid of, and's not often I share my games around, so i'd like to get them right if i'm gonna release it!

Thanks for downloading it too...should give you a little adreneline rush if you need it!

Oh, and here's some crappy screenies if Geocities ain't working too good...which is more than likely!


Mike Morgan

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Posted by Barney Boo 26th January, 2003

It's a good customizable game. But, like you say, it would be better if it was based around music instead, and was more of a dancemat type game. Good what you've got so far though! :D
Posted by funkyseaweed 26th January, 2003

good game reviewed :)
Posted by ChrisB 26th January, 2003

This game certainly has potential! I'd like to see the Mp3 option. The only problem I have with it now is that it's nearly impossible to get an Ace unless you're on the slowest speed... and there's a bug which gets rid of every arrow overlapping one of the circles when you press that key.
Posted by nawitus 26th January, 2003

Nice game but it needs music :P
Posted by Razorshark Productions 26th January, 2003

Then put a cd in yer stereo and press play button...8) Nice game Muggus... 8)
Posted by Ashman 26th January, 2003

Go the Mug Man!!! :) Downloading....
Posted by Jeff 26th January, 2003

Music huh? I can help :)
Posted by Hagar 27th January, 2003

Go Muggus Good game. Use DMC 2, volume is greater than 90, create an random object of those arrows, only one one event loops. Well thats basically how i would do it. Or you could have different volume ranges, that create different objects.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th January, 2003

HagarTech: Nice in theory, but I don't think that would work as the MOD volume as played by the computer would always stay constant no matter what the volume sounded like to the user. I don't know if it would be possible to read a MOD like this, but extra information could be included to tell the game what arrows to use and when - for example, by using four channels with instruments not related to any sample. "When instrument (x) is played -> Display arrow".
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th January, 2003

(x) = ( x ). I fell foul of the Smilies trap.
Posted by Hagar 30th January, 2003

WCB i was thinking of MP3s and DMC2, then you can monitor left and right channels and when the songs quiet the volumes low when load its high, you could do something with that as well.






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