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Review: Hyper Quadrant
Author: S Radley
Added: 27/02/2003

Seems like there's been a drought of excellent games recently here on the Daily Click. Thanks to Spram, that drought is definitely over.

Out of the blue, Spram has released Hyper Quadrant, an excellent platformer, complete with great graphics, decent control, fitting sound and music, and a whole freaking lot of fun. I mean fun. This game's got gameplay, and it's got it in spades.

Let's start with the presentation. Admittedly, my initial impression was rather neutral. The title screen is well drawn and the DVD-ish extras were very nice, but the introduction seemed a bit...slow. Frankly, I couldn't wait for it to be over. Which means I must've had some idea of how excellent this game was going to be, and couldn't wait to move on. I must be psychic.

The main attraction of this game is definitely its fun gameplay. Your character, a small dude in a space suit, roams across four expansive worlds, jumping, shooting, fighting kewl bosses, and picking up useful powerups like stronger weapons, a jetpack (my favorite), and a metroid ball-like spider ability. Truly one of the unique things here is nonlinearity. naturally, you need items from different areas to progress in another, but up to the point where you run against an obstacle, the game is completely nonlinear. You can go where you want. I love it.

The key word here is, this game is really fun.

The graphics are excellent and consistently well drawn as well, though the game is presented in low resolution. I don't mind, it looks fine and keeps the file size down. There are lots of neat graphic touches as well, such as a small circle of light around your character in a dark cave or the telltale ripple of some creature lurking beneath the water's surface.

As far as sound goes, it's honestly not that high quality. It seems Spram was going for an 80s bleep-bleep style almost, and though it seems odd at first, you eventually get used to it, and it even starts growing on you. No real complaints here. the music, on the other hand, is fitting, often catchy, and though not original, very well done. In the extras section, there is even an extensive list of music credits. Very considerate.

Lastability? Geez. I still haven't beaten it, and when I do, I know for sure that I'll be playing it again. And again. And again. It's just that much fun. Simply awesome.

So in the end, when you take great graphics, sound, gameplay, and replay value, what do you get? Hyper Quadrant, an excellent offering from Spram. Download now. You will NOT regret it.

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