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Hyper Quadrant
Author: Spram Submitted: 25th February, 2003 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 573

Edited By Spram on 7/14/2004

Hyper Quadrant is an adventure/plataformer similar to Eternal Daughter and Red Feud in genre. If you like those games then give mine a try. It has excellent graphics, a save feature and lots of DVD-like extras including a sound test and information about the game.

This is basically a sequel to my last ( ignored and underapreciated in my opinion ) game 4four Sprammy Edition, but A LOT better and bigger! You must deliver the isotopes you found in the first game to the scientists in the laboratory, but something terrible happens. Now you must travel across the solar system looking for the fiends who kidnapped the scientists and maybe find the makers of the deadly plague.

The game includes:
1. Non-linear interplanetary travel, once you beat the first level you can go to any planet you like (You may not get far without the necesary items, but the friendly barkeeper in Notanius may give you a clue).
2. Save feature.
3. Great graphics, even I like them.
4. Different items: Jetpack, armors, 3 different weapons and other wierd stuff.
5. Lots of special effects and subtle touches.
6. Dvd-like Extras, including a Music test in which you can listen to most of the music in the game.
7. Many Huge bosses (and a few little ones)
8. Different planets have different eco-systems.
9. More than 30 different kinds of enemies.
10. Hand-picked neat music found on the dark corners of the internet (heh).
11. 65 frames of plataforming goodness. (The entire game takes up 92 frames)
12. Spaceship travel.
13. Scrolling.

The game starts in a small 320x200 window (for those who like it that way) but can be maximized to fit the entire screen.
It also contains many transparencies and gradients (and gradient transparencies) so people with slower computers may experience slowdown (it runs perfectly on mine so maybe I'm just saying).

Give this game a try, I can 98% guarantee you will not regret it. I worked hard on it and I hope you can tell. If you like this game then you can check out the first, which is nice and didn't get enough attention since the Daily Click had some technical problems that week.

You can also check out my friend's "Zaratustra"'s page which specializes in non-rpg "verge" games including the original 4four game:

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Posted by Spram 25th February, 2003

Oh.. I'm not comparing this game to Eternal Daughter (most games dont compare to it, including mine) and Red Feud. They are just the same genre.
Posted by Spram 25th February, 2003

After you get the boots an arrow tells you to go left. Go left and see the *spoiler* and then follow the ship to the city planet of Notanius. :D
Posted by Spram 25th February, 2003

The ship is busted? <:(
Posted by Spram 25th February, 2003

Press up while overlapping the ship to get on it.
Posted by CYS 26th February, 2003

Looks and sounds good.. :downloading:
Posted by CYS 26th February, 2003

It's very good! Fix some bug in the movement engine and it would be better than red feud!
Posted by Spram 26th February, 2003

Thanks FeYrucrem. Hehe. Maybe It's because I have a weird nickname (Spram sounds like Spam).. But then I've used this nick since 1995 and dont want to change it. Anyway, try my game. It's free!
Posted by Spram 26th February, 2003

The movement engine is a modified version of the original MMF engine, I just fixed some bugs (and left some intact while creating new ones).
Posted by Nosferatu_ 26th February, 2003

Posted by Spram 26th February, 2003

I use Print Scrn. Then I go to a image making/editing program and paste.
Posted by Isaac 26th February, 2003

Sweet! I'll download later, but I LOVE 4Four!
Posted by Spram 26th February, 2003

GamerScott: That's weird. I once had a problem where the ship dissapeared (in the planet Crystalis, named after my favorite NES game). I had to start the game again. Or maybe you should unzip it again. Or maybe even Download it again. :( I really dont know what could have caused that... UNLESS.... Maybe the broken ship you're talking about is the escape pod (the white one). Your ship is to the right, it's the blue rocket.
Posted by Spram 26th February, 2003

Anyone else having problems? I'll have to delete the game and try to fix everything if there's a bug. But the only broken tipped over ship I remember is the scientist's escape pod.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 26th February, 2003

GamerScott: Watch the 'abduction' then go to the right, back to your ship and blast off. Reviewed!
Posted by Spram 26th February, 2003

Holy Cwap! 10/10!!! Thanks Wong Chung Bang! I never expected such a high score since there were a few bugs here and there. But then again I'm really hard on reviews and stuff, even on my game. I just wrote good things in the description because I wanted people to download it. :) Oh and about the cute yellow thing with rabbit ears.. it's just a joke.. you know.. I thought not all monsters/animals have to be evil and poisonous, so I made him. Touching him gives you 20 hps, to kill it after you touch it.. (evil laugh).
Posted by Spram 26th February, 2003

I had Vyse from Skies of Arcadia first, then Seung Mina from Soul Calibur and now a kitten. No, I'm not a girl, maybe I should change the avatar, now that I look at it it kinda looks a little feminine. By the way, where does it say kittens are for girls? Kittens are cool. There are male kittens too anyway.XD And about Seung Mina, well, She's my third favorite Soul Calibur character, but since she's the best looking, I used her. :D Now I have manly Link on it, straight from the original Legend of Zelda game's manual.
Posted by matrixkitty 26th February, 2003

did any of you check out spram's pic under the extras im pretty sure that is shows a picture of a guy
Posted by FusionDogg 26th February, 2003

Posted by matrixkitty 26th February, 2003

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 26th February, 2003

Voldo is the best Soul Calibur character as far as I'm concerned, even if he can be a bit weird sometimes (Understatement of the Century) What's the new icon, anyway?
Posted by Spram 26th February, 2003

Anyone finished the game yet?
Posted by Spram 26th February, 2003

FeYrucrem thought I was a girl because it was a kitten. :D Anyway, I've never been content with any of the icons I've had, maybe I should make a 4four icon. And Voldo.. He's too weird for me, I like to use Ivy. Her sword is just amazing.
Posted by S Radley 26th February, 2003

...I swear, that does NOT sound like the same person. Looks good, btw, Spram. Downloading now. :)
Posted by DaveC 27th February, 2003

this was ok...i was dissapointed though. the graphics looked really cool and the game would have been awesome if u had just made a decent movement engine for it. its almost unplayable! ive gotten stuck 3 times and had to restart + refight a boss just because the stupid character froze on an obstacle...had so much potential.
Posted by Spram 28th February, 2003

Thanks everyone. I dont know if I may have enough time to make another game, but I will sure try.
Posted by Thomas Allum 28th February, 2003

This is a great game,but I'm stuck.On the big green boss on the moon and have hit it about a hundred times with the red gun.How do I kill it?
Posted by Spram 28th February, 2003

Use the jetpack gun (normal gun). While riding your jetpack you cant use your special gun because the jetpack uses all of your suit's power.
Posted by Matt 28th February, 2003

Posted by S Radley 2nd March, 2003

Yargh. Spram, could you give me some tips on defeating the boss inside the base on the Notanius? You know, that big killer machine driven by one of the Purple dudes....I can't kill it. This game is incredible, btw, as my review said. :)
Posted by Spram 4th March, 2003

Just keep shooting. THe red gun is better against it (you can go back to Hurracan and get it again), but the miniboss before it will be more difficult, you choose.
Posted by DragonDraikk 8th March, 2003

Sounds veeeeeeeery interesting... Downloading
Posted by Spram 10th March, 2003

Ok, here's a walkthru:
Posted by Deathbringer 13th April, 2003

Heh, i was having trouble defeating that purple bastard, i'll try that XD, the miniboss before him is easy when you know how (well..go into a mad spazm of jumping and shooting cant really be called "a tactic", but it works XD)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 4th May, 2003

Its not like ed or red faud! Its a shooting game and thats not in the same genre! ED And red faud are in platform/fighting and ur is in platform/shooter and thats not the same genre! Try again!
Posted by Spram 26th May, 2003

It is like Eternal Daughter and Red Feud. All three are Plataformer/adventure games. Mine has a gun. Poop!
Posted by RageVortex 28th May, 2003

Awesome game Spram, to think you were studying with me all along and i didnt know .. for god's sake we couldve done great games... (heh i still have OLD Klick & Play... I wanna get thisone) I feel a bit outdated :-P BTW is there a way for you to hide the savefile or something ... its so easy to edit it makes one wanna try ... :-P the game is awesome I had some troubble with the stickiness factor and going through walls, ground and stuff .. heh I walked through the edge of a whole stage :-D Nice graphics .. send me a PM i have soem game desings...maybe I'll get MMF soon.
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 27th June, 2005

Wow, man. This game rocks! When I first opened it, the first thing I noticed were the illustrations and actual graphics. Then I got into playing and the game looks and plays great! And then I got into the options. A lot of necessary info sorted neatly. I love this game!
Posted by Phredreeke 31st May, 2010
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