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Review: Dark Moon Demo
Author: Weston L
Added: 21/03/2003

Every week or so I look through old pages and randomly select a game. Thats how I came across this one. Being on an old page it doesn't get much recognition, but I really think this is a cool game.
The idea of the game is that you are a guy put into an alien "death maze" and if you get out you can save the Earth. The game is a platform game (my favorite kind) and the rules and objectives are simple. The game itself is pretty easy, but not too easy if you see what I'm saying.
The game flows very well and has a password feature to let you get back to the level you died at. At the end of the game you fight the big boss which is pretty easy to beat, but he is the first (and only because it's a demo) boss.
The game does have one bug that I have found. This is that when you die you can't climb the ladders anymore. However, there is a way of hooing your gun onto the edge of the plaform and then jumping over with most ladders (the short ones).
- Cool midi music that changes on each level.
- Nice grid-paper background which gives the 'I'm in an alien death maze' fell to the game.
- Password feature.
- A storyline.
- Nifty drawing of the character.
- Easy to understand.
- Progressive levels.
- Only two megabytes of harddrive space.
- A bit easy.
- Can't climb ladders after you die.
- Simple menu design which is okay because it orks and does look somewhat pofessional.

I think this game is very cool and I will be looking for the full version (do I have to buy it?). I would reccomend you download this!

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