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Dark Moon Demo
Author: Jaffa [Mpp] Submitted: 2nd July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 307

Dark moon is a game that i made about half a year ago. It is only a demo but i think i will continue to work on later in the future.
I think the gfx is kinda good but the only thing that is bad is that i used the original platform engine (i didnīt know another way to do it).
If the download doenīs work, choose" save target as".

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Posted by 2nd July, 2002

Wow, this game is really good! Please continue on it!
Posted by AfterStar 2nd July, 2002

Dark Moon is one of my bad guys side =)! Can't download it!
Posted by Rikus 2nd July, 2002

Afterstar: Right click on the link and then Save Target As.
Posted by Eagle32123 2nd July, 2002

Jaffa, to fix ur problem with the downloading, just make a html file called index, with a link to the ziped file. Then Geocities, wont give u such a hard time on downloading it (its happened to me too)
Posted by Eagle32123 2nd July, 2002

ok, i think i found a glitch. Whenever i die, the ladders dont seem to work. They wont let me climb down, or up. HELP!!!!
Posted by @pe 3rd July, 2002

eagle: its because of the platform movement, it's really buggy. Maybe Jaffa will do a custom platform movement in the full version. Wait, he will! I will tell him to do so.
Posted by @pe 3rd July, 2002

afterstar: what the heck do you mean with "bad guys side"???!
Posted by AfterStar 3rd July, 2002

You know, THE BAD GUYS,the enemy lol!
Posted by @pe 3rd July, 2002

oka? enemy=dark moon=what the f*ck are you talking about?
Posted by 3rd July, 2002

It's an ok game but the ladder in lvl2 ain't workin' !
Posted by @pe 3rd July, 2002

yes it does! you probably died, after that the ladders don't work, it's the buggy platform movement that does it!
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 3rd July, 2002

I know that the platfrom movement is buggy and can cause problems from time to time, but i didnīt know any other way to do it!
Posted by 11th July, 2002

Posted by Fox (br) 30th August, 2002

Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 19th December, 2002

The character jumps like an happy gay. He gets stuck in the air when you jump. The fly-over-ladders-bug is also not fixed(just like most of these games) qand the graphics are boring, very standard and not surpising.
Posted by Weston L 21st March, 2003

Reviewed! :) :)
Posted by Weston L 21st March, 2003

Oh, and if you're still checking comments Jaffa (which I seriously doubt) I have a solution to the ladder problem. Make a "resend" level for each level of the game you have. Instead of having the level restart when you die, have it jump to the "resend" level. At start of level (on the "resend" level) have it jump you back to the real level. This will giv the effect of the level restarting, but it will actually be jumping back and forth between two levels. And I'm 95% sure that will fix the problem.






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