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Review: Sheepwars3 [ conspiracy theory ]
Author: ArchMage ZeratuL
Added: 14/01/2002

Well, I suppose this isn't a game, it's like a challenge to unlock that one 20-minutes cutscene, although you could simply get the 'crack'... However, I didn't bother getting it... judging from in-game graphics and that ridiculous opening scene, I assumed that video isn't great.

The game itself COULD have been fun and enjoyable, except for some major, unexcusable problems.

First of, it's a small screen, and it can't go full. Great. Also, it only accepts 16 bit, or so it claims. Remembering my not-so-great experience of trying to play Mission: Caduceus [a very nice adventure game by Ambrosine] at 24-bit [game was 16 and I couldn't switch - result: VERY slow], I decided to switch anyway.

The problems don't end here, though. The controls are -HORRIBLE-. It seems to strafe almost all the time, even if I don't hold the strafe key [Ctrl, a very weird one, but oh well]. If you press Ctrl it 'unlocks' the strafing. Great. Sometimes I had lots of trouble moving... the collision detection is somehow messed up, though I couldn't tell exactly why... mainly because I was a little more concerned with something else:

OK, some people think custom scrolling is cool, that's it, not always following. Sure. Very nice. IF DONE PROPERLY. This game has to have the worst scrolling I remember. I found myself at the -VERY- edge of the screen 90% of the time... summing up with the 'huge' screen, it figures I wouldn't be able to see the enemy until it was in front of me.

Sound was also really poor... so many things that could have sound simply didn't. Another very annoying thing was the 'Level complete' screen, that I can't skip and takes several seconds. Oh joy. I think I deleted the game around level 5, after feeling like all I was doing was blowing up enemies [which is the only semi-decent thing in the game, though also very gory... reminds me of Bubblechug].

Overall, a very big and -bad- game, that I wouldn't keep in my HDD no matter what. Only get it if you're a sheep/gore/shot'em fan and somewhat masochist.


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