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Review: Sheepwars3 [ conspiracy theory ]
Author: Jack Frost
Added: 14/01/2002

I have to say, it's an old game, 2 years old or something so considering, it's not that bad of an attempt.
Graphics were just plain poor, I looked at it and was more physically repulsed than lol.mpg (don't ask).
Sound and music were poor, I ended up ripping out my headphones gah.
Gameplay, too short, too actioney, and not in a good castlevania/mario/sonic/doom/quake actioney way, it was in a poor way, it was trying to be so much but was so little.
It didn't really last long either and the end was a big dissapointment, 15 megs for a 1 meg game and a 14 meg video file, let's be honest, if I wanted to do that, I'd get FF8.
Overall it was drivell, absolute BS, worse than sleep dreams, I give it a something out of 10.
Fair but true.


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