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Review: Man Eating Turtles
Author: Bricnic
Added: 14/04/2003

Hey everyone, welcome to my second review. Man-eating turtles was at first an ok game. Despite the white text being virtually unreadable on a green background and a spelling mistake, I was expecting a pretty good game. That is, of course, until discovering that the graphics were *stolen* from FAIND without permission. Therefore, I am sorry to have to punish the "graphics" section, and judge the game as if only the turtles were drawn, and the rest is just boxes. The platform movement contains a few bugs, but does the job, as far as the gameplay in this game reaches anyway. While this could have been a half decent game with some music at least, it conatined none, and the sound effects were basically only a bare minimum.

The AI in this game is truly non-existent. It was instead replaced by the ability to change the weather in the game. While this is a nice feature, it somehow seems a little less important in a game than AI is to me. You'll find that a concrete base is needed before polish can be added to the game, otherwise your game will be lacking in the "fun factor".

The high score system contained two different methods of keeping track of a person's score- a highscore object, and a custom score section. This gave the game an unprofessional touch, although I was only inspired enough by the game to encounter the highscore screen twice.

The gameplay had a nice idea, and this could have been taken even just a little bit further (and with original, or permitted graphics), and it might just have passed the 5/10 mark.
But before I make this game sound completely negative, let's not discourage people from making games. It was a nice try, and more than using this as an oppurtunity to attack the creator of this game, who made a mistake, let's help him to learn from it.

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