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Man Eating Turtles
Author: Simon Colmer Submitted: 11th April, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 166

Edited By Simon Colmer on 6/21/2004

This is a little arcade game put together by me, the GFX because (turtles) have been given from a upcoming game by Matt Janes and me called 'The Green Samurai'.

What's happend is that there are flying turtles with swords that want to kill you, and you have to kill as many as possible without being killed. Ypu can choose from 2 different hardness. Also you can choose what weather you fight in!

I know people don't like the idea of me taking graphics but i did it for fun and did not do it for me to get shouted at, im sorry but i just want to be GOTW of the week!

Sorry the link linked to the old version, NOW it works!

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Posted by Assault Andy 12th April, 2003

Crap those graphix are nice!
Posted by Sigurd 12th April, 2003

wow those graphics do look good. Downloading
Posted by ruffles 12th April, 2003

pretty cool game, could turn out in a great platformer. and by any chance you used circy's platform engine? even if not, you should fix that :P
Posted by 12th April, 2003

Me and him are sorry to anounce that this is the full game
Posted by 12th April, 2003

But the only graphics i made where turtles trees are habbo and rest is FAIND
Posted by 12th April, 2003

oh i made helth meter and thanx simon for his sweet programing
Posted by Kris 13th April, 2003

he took some of those graphics from zerotau without his permission. BAD!
Posted by ben_02 13th April, 2003

WTF man, as flattered as I'm sure Zero is, you don't steal other klik groups graphics!
Posted by ruffles 13th April, 2003

hm then it's different, yeh YOU SHULD NEVER DO THIS ^_^
Posted by 13th April, 2003

Who is zero the only graphcis not taken are teh turtles and the helth meter and the others where taken from FAIND who the fuck is zero
Posted by ben_02 13th April, 2003

ZeroTau [Fallen Angel] made those graphics with his own finely tuned skills.
Posted by ruffles 13th April, 2003

haha it seems so excluding the engine the only thing they did was "teh turtles and the helth meter"
Posted by ben_02 14th April, 2003

Shouldn't this be deleted by now? Circy said he would.
Posted by ZeroTau 14th April, 2003

I FINALLY got my account working! Now, Matthew, though you seem to believe FAind is one person that's not true. I am a member of the group FAind and you took graphics from "Mina of the Pirates" without consulting me. Now in a way it's flattering that you use my GFX, but somehow the fact that you didn't ask or seem to know who the hell I am I'm gonna look away from that. Just never EVER take graphics from me again. It would've been better to ask first so I could've said no right away.
Posted by @tomic 14th April, 2003

it seems really great
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 14th April, 2003

Ripping graohics from a professional game is bad enough, but ripping graphics from a fellow just wrong.
Posted by Simon Colmer 16th April, 2003

im sorry, im sorry
Posted by Individual Thought 19th April, 2003

Why did I download this!!!! :O *sigh* Im going to go shoot myself now
Posted by Simon Colmer 25th November, 2003

Posted by Dr. James MD 16th February, 2004

funny i dont think that character looks much like the one from MotP. it just has a similar style






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