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Review: Last Days Of Vietnam
Author: Kjetil Nossum
Added: 24/04/2003

This is my first game review ever. Guess why this game really got me to write a review?

I must admit, I downloaded this game because of the huge file size... 27 megabytes is alot for a klik game. Of course, I assumed movies and mp3's made the filesize that big, and often, that is a bad thing. But not this time...

I don't think I have ever seen a more goodlooking klik game in my entire life!! First off, the intro. Wery well presented, and the film clip is just neat! The only thing I could say I would like to change, is the speed of the scrolling text. I never reach to read it in time... But anyway, I was in a very good mood after watching the intro. And the menu screen didn't make a worse impression! Very goodlooking menuscreen, I can't imagine how it could be done better. This guy really has talent for design!

Well, the actual game...

While still talking about gfx, I must say that the in-game gfx is pretty impressive! Just the first glance at the screen made me think that this had to be the best click game ever made.
A real battle field, with three machine guns at the left, and animated bushes that "swushes" in the wind

I must admit, that feeling kinda changed after playing for awhile. The gameplay in itself is just above descent. You are in the lead of a US army base. Unlike all other war games I have ever played, you don't control a singel unit. You give orders to attack, that is your job! And it is really quite fun! For a while at least. Your orders are: Shoot with cannons, bomb with rockets, and bring soldiers to the battle field by helicopter. What is very neat is that after you command an order, you will see a little film clip that really adds to the game! Of course you can turn this off if you get bored of it.

Instead of levels, the game are divided into days. The next day is always harder than the other. That is of course a nice idea. What makes the gameplay decent, is the lack of the gameplay to evolve. Yes, for each day the game gets harder, the enemy is faster, gets better weapons, attacks with tanks and so on. But I don't think that is enough. I think it would be great if also the player's team (US) would get better... more weapons, more units and stuff...

The player can select between a couple of modes. You can select your units to attack all the way, or to let them help injuried soldiers. That's a neat feature! If an injuried soldier gets help, one of the soldiers that will enter the battlefield the next time you order an attack, will be a hero. A hero is better than a normal soldier, although I don't know the details.

If 50 of the enemy soldiers gets over to your side of the battlefield, or if all of your 3 machine guns are killed, the game is over. But hey, the game over screen is awesome! You could just play the game to watch it and listen a bit to The Doors! Real cool!

That's pretty much what the gameplay is about. But, what is a game without sound? Not quite much. The author of this game is completely aware of this! The sound suits the game perfect. So does the menu mp3's. There's no music while playing, but why should it? It's war... even if there were music you couldn't hear it, because of all the bombs and cannons and screams and... Good job!

So, why don't I give this game the highest mark? Well, that's because I don't think the replay value of the game is high. The fact that your score will be uploaded to the game's server, of course increase the game's replay value. So yes, if this game were an online arcade game only, for instance at the v-cade, I would have given it the highest mark. But it isn't. It is a 27 meg full software. I would have expected some more gameplay.

I would say that this game would do perfect as a minigame inside a bigger game, like a strategy game where one of the aspects of the game is to defend bases, and other would be to attack bases and stuff like that...

So, my overall rating is 8, because of the very well designed game (probably the best designed klik game ever).

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