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Review: EXE - Monochrome
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 18/05/2003

I'm not really sure if this game is one of those "micro" games that were popular a while ago (well, popular to make, but not so much to play). It uses a grand total of two colours, as suggested by the title, and uses incredibly small objects, but thankfully takes place in a window the size of a Post-It note rather than postage stamp.

The menu is nice if minimal, but when the Help window comes up it flickers as if it's continually refreshing, or something. In the main game, the idea is to fly around the map being chased by vague enemies and collecting coins. If one of them touches you, then you die and have to start the level again. Very simple, then.

And of course, very simple is what it's meant to be - it's a minigame, after all. There are slight embellishments, though - for example, scrolling is not done by using the standard Click method, instead having the screen lag behind the player slightly. This is a nice idea, but occasionally it makes it difficult to see where you're going as it doesn't take the direction you're heading in to account, and doesn't seem to have a maximum distance away from the player either.

Well, what else is there to say about it? Frankly, I've no idea. The author knows about the bug which gets the character stuck in platforms occasionally, so I can't even mention that, even though I just have. It's also incredibly difficult, as the enemies swarm mindlessly towards you to make an overwhelming cloud of them - very difficult to dodge past. It'll keep you amused for a few minutes, but it's not going to survive long on your hard drive - least of all mine because I've got about 94kb of free space left.

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