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EXE - Monochrome
Author: Jack Galilee Submitted: 16th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 135

Edited By ToTaL on 3/13/2005

Edited By Jack Galilee on 5/16/2003

This is a fun little custome movemnt platformer i made you are the little helicopter dude and you have to try and get away from the little other dudes the map is large and you score points by collecting gems when you run out of lives you will be taken to a submit your score box and you can see if you can beat your high score by the may i can guarantee the game will never play the same twice... The AI in the game are quite smart and imposible to count so watch out stay in a spot to long and your surrounded...



A Special Thanx to Matrixkitty for the idear of the name MONOCHROME


path finding and AI and random generators


Custom Movement and Score system

Enjoy and feel free to post game is open for ideas


I Hope but if it still gives you an error rename the monochrome file without the icon to monochrome.gam

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Posted by Klikmaster 17th May, 2003

i got a score of 84, anyone beat that?
Posted by matrixkitty 17th May, 2003

jack- in the next version you should have sound and more levels and obstacles o and klikmaster my score is 134
Posted by -Oka- 17th May, 2003

kinda neat little game :)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 17th May, 2003

I Beat the game, I got all the coins and it turns out to be 147coins in total. Can anyone beat that? Its a one level game and its fun.
Posted by Jack Galilee 18th May, 2003

If you all like it so much why didnt any of my games make main page
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 18th May, 2003

don't know! Maybe the admins doesn't like micro games.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 18th May, 2003

I got 149 on my first go. Quite a nice game, although I suspect the graphics have prevented it from going on the front page.
Posted by Bricnic 21st May, 2003

You should have looked at what the "submit preview" thingo told you- direct linking doesn't work from sites like geocities. You can either give the URLS to ShadowCaster via DC mail, and he'll give you URLS that will work, or you can take a look at the article for how to do Direct linking from a free webserver.
Posted by Jack Galilee 22nd May, 2003

please only post about the game
Posted by Assault Andy 7th June, 2003

I got 119. Pretty good.





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