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Review: Piza Spedy Serva
Author: Eric
Added: 18/05/2003

This is one of the stranger games I have reviewed, it reminds me of the Pizza Delivery game from the V-Cade on a trip.

Presentation: The presentation is a bit weird, voice acting for the words, and gradient backgrounds. It is filled with clickable buttons and strange questions.

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple, you try to get to the house thats flashing on the minimap before time runs out, if you don't you get fired. Oh no, but don't drive too fast, or the cops with some kind of crazy laser get you. Don't go onto the grass or else it slows your car down. The car itself is hard to control when you reach high speed, if you slightly turn then you spin everywhich way. When you arrive at your destination you must return back to HQ and then your on the road again. If you decide to run into things with your car it just might explode, oh wait, you don't see it explode, you just get fired.

Graphics: The graphics arent anything special, I think some might be library graphics, mixed with original graphics. There is an interesting little minimap and mosiac roads and grass with interesting little houses. There is nothing really to say about the graphics so i'll move on.

Sound and Music: I don't think there even was any music in this game, although it really needs some, but then again, any game really needs music. The sound for the voice acting is something truly strange, some sort of crazy hillbilly talks out as your boss, and some little kid trying to sounds scary talks when you get caught by the cops. I tell yah, it didnt scare me but both of the voices did manage to make me feel sorry for the people who did voice acting, no offense of course.

Lastability: The lastability is fair, nothing really pulls you back to play it again. Unless of course you want to be the top of the highscore, which was cleverly placed in there. This game is an alright arcade game, but it could be much better.

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