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Review: MegaBattle Complete
Author: Eric
Added: 07/07/2003

This will be the first time I have done a review in a while, so...hear we go.

Presentation: Pretty good, looks like a game you would find on GBA, looks like, that is. You can also change the difficulty. The loading screen and menu and overall outline is professional looking.

Gameplay: The gameplay consists settting up walls that block intruding oponents attacks. They can however break after taking a beating. Random objects get throw in, like a catapult or fence that help you out. Also, random power-ups, which mainly consists of secondary weapons for that level. Which brings me to point out that each level has its own attacks ands secondary attacks. You goal is to kill all the intruders off before they reach the bottom of the screen. There are also numerous levels you can choose from, such as a beach, forest, cave, and desert. The game gets slowly hard as you progress.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty decent, nothing above spectacular though, but thats not expected. You can tell time was put into making the characters and levels and menus.

Sound and Music: The music fits the game and pretty well put in. Level music and sounds when you get hit or get power-ups and such are the usual noises you will hear.

Lastability: This game is something to play when you are bored, and you need to be entertained for a short while. I don't think you will play it for hours, but probubly for a good few minutes whenever your bored. Its not bad, I don't mean to make it sounds like its something you should only play when your bored, the programmer did a good job and put some time into it.

Sound and Music:

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