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MegaBattle Complete
Author: Ian M. Phoenix Submitted: 6th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 454
Game of the Week Winner

The latest version of the popular MegaBattle.

Inspired by SnowBrawl, you have to build up your defenses and fend off increasingly large hordes of enemies each round to see how far you can go.

--- FEATURES ---

- 10 Unique Stages with different physics and weapons for each one.
- 8 Different Special Weapons including guns, fireballs and whips!
- 3 Special Items [NEW!]
- Refined Gameplay, With Many Neat Additions And Tweaks
- 3 Structures to Build
- Improved Graphics
- One to Three Players Can Battle Cooperatively
- Built-in Screen Capture Saves Your Highest Score

Send your highest scores to and I'll submit them as soon as I can.

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Posted by pr0 6th July, 2003

additive game. good job!
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 6th July, 2003

Thank you Flipskillz, feedback and reviews are welcome.
Posted by Smeggy 7th July, 2003

This rocks!
Posted by JohnsProgram 7th July, 2003

Very fun game! :)
Posted by Death Reaper X 7th July, 2003

Hehe I love the whip :D
Posted by Buster 7th July, 2003

"Send your highest scores to and I'll submit them as soon as I can." What the?... How will you tell who is lieing? Looks good though! I'm downloading now.
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 7th July, 2003

you should tell them to include a screenie of the hi-score;)
Posted by DaveC 7th July, 2003

anyone can fake a screenie tho...make an online high-scores?
Posted by Kris 7th July, 2003

really fun, reminds me of snow brawl (Or whatever it's called). the music's familiar though. Neverending story..?
Posted by alibaba 7th July, 2003

the textures of the sea and grass look really, really good- usually when people try to implement them into a cartoony game they dont go at all, but uve done really well :)
Posted by Falko 7th July, 2003

This download not started
Posted by -Messiah- 7th July, 2003

Looks kinda cool tho, have not played it yet... :/
Posted by Jason Orme 7th July, 2003

I remember this, It was the last addictive game i played
Posted by alibaba 7th July, 2003

heh yer it does sound like never ending story - prodigy-no good is one of the songs aswell
Posted by alibaba 7th July, 2003

oops sorry - double post wots ne1s top score yet? every1 got to 20 yeh - how many does it go up 2?
Posted by Lew 7th July, 2003

Fun, but as for the emailing high scores i'd sort that out. If you have to use email, i'd have the game generate an encrypted code containing the score, name etc and you have a program to decrypt it. That way no-one can cheat.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 7th July, 2003

Good idea Lew, but I guess I'll just have to filter out the fake looking high scores manually I guess. Thanks for all the positive feedback, everybody!
Posted by Dogzer 7th July, 2003

I think this game is good, but its not as good as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.. so keep trying little dude! :(
Posted by LegendaryMMSX 7th July, 2003

uh.....why would you compare a Click game to a professional game dogzer??????? Oh, and an addictive game this is lan. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Assault Andy 7th July, 2003

I love megabattle, i hope this is just as good. ;)
Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th July, 2003

bah i think this is better than vice city :P still not as good as old snowbrawl tough.. altough the lives and the whip is pretty kewl
Posted by -Messiah- 8th July, 2003

Error: I couldent find MegaBattle.exe Hey i cannt play this.. :(
Posted by -Messiah- 8th July, 2003

Aaaa!, this is awsome man!!! wooohoooo!
Posted by alibaba 8th July, 2003

top scores so far?...
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 8th July, 2003

Vice City?! MB is completely different from that. But why does everyone say "SnowBrawl is better"? Snowbrawl has 1 stage, 0 special weapons, 0 special items, and I think only 3 enemies. MB has 10 stages, 8 special weapons, 3 special items and 5 enemies. Not to mention a better menu, score svaing, 16 bit color etc. Nostalgia I guess...
Posted by Sami 8th July, 2003

the setup won't add the exe file so I can't play . Maybe you should make another setup - I think this one has problems .
Posted by Maddie 8th July, 2003

i guess its alright. what you should fix is the alignment because the overlapping is very slugish and makes it look less good
Posted by conyo 9th July, 2003

this is way better than snowbros in my opinion. Its time to get with the new, snowbros was good for its time, but that time has come to pass. Megabattle has so much to offer and those that played t already now why. Okay so no snowman decoy, okay snowbros doesnt have powerups and dfferent weapons,more than one stage, several different enemies,health kits and screen clearing bombs!!! "Different backgrounds, little whip effects, and shirtless ninja kids can hardly make up for it"-akira its called variation...(ohhh no snowman decoy)lmao I dare you to play 3 players on MB you will have endless fun with this game. I cant go back to snowbros anymore, just because something is classic it doesnt mean a newer generation game cant be better! Thats like saying castlevania 1 for NES is better than castlevania:symphony of the night for psx! so enough said already. great game Ian! hope to see more!
Posted by istvan 9th July, 2003

snow bros? atleast get ur facts straight
Posted by istvan 9th July, 2003

snow bros? atleast get ur facts straight
Posted by istvan 10th July, 2003

u see how a smart ass comment can go so wrong due to double posting
Posted by conyo 10th July, 2003

dont worry about that little typo, you have other things to worry about like: 3 useless posts
Posted by Crash Override 10th July, 2003

yeah, two of which are yours.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 12th July, 2003

Thanks everyone for the comments, if you really like this game, why not vote for it as the GOTW? ;)
Posted by Bob McWallabietoff 13th July, 2003

Wow this game is pretty good, I dont know why you're having aguments over which is better, i still play both games.
Posted by Hplkopra 22nd July, 2003

Definetly thumbs up! Haven't played the other GOTW games yet, so I have to think who to vote.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 9th August, 2003

Thanks for all the positive comments and votes for the GOTW!
Posted by Wormware 9th August, 2003

Good job, I liked the other version! But this 1 Rocks even more!
Posted by yuoo 22nd May, 2004

Megabattle complete rocks more than Snowbrawl :)
Posted by yuoo 22nd May, 2004

you heard me :):):)
Posted by yuoo 22nd May, 2004

Posted by roger wilco 16th April, 2005

NOOOOO The link is dead ...
Posted by Toxic 24th July, 2005

Posted by Assault Andy 25th March, 2006

I have it, email me if you need it.
Posted by Ian Phoenix 20th August, 2008

If anybody still wants to download this game, I uploaded it to my new site:






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