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Review: Zero's Battle Battle Revolution
Author: The DogCow
Added: 02/08/2003

This game is definitely one of the better small games I have played. It is a great fan game, but more than that, it's a great game.

The gameplay is solid. There are no bugs and the control is handled very well. The progression of difficulty between levels and that during a particular fight is perfect. My only problem was the difficulty of the final level, that I now lovingly call "Zero Teaches Typing". I know lots of other people would have an easier time with it than me. But I can't touch-type, so I found it rather difficult. Then again, it is the FINAL level.

The games has an introduction, storyline, ending, credits, cutscenes, option screen and everything else a complete game should (should be taken as a given, but I see lots of games running around without them).

As for the graphics and sound, they are ripped (with the exception of some music and the cutscenes). I don't take this as a bad thing. If you want to make a fan game, I say go ahead and use graphics that are already made. If you disagree with me, what are you doing here reading the review of a fan game? The animation is done well and you attack differently when you hit, so as to keep things interesting. The effects are very well done renditions of how things happen in the Super Nintendo games, and I see that as harder to do than making your own.

Sadly, this game is a once-through. You won't find yourself wanting to go back and see if you can beat Doppler with more HP left this time or anything. The game is short, sweet, and you get that little sense of accomplishment when you beat it that I love.

Khazm Games gives this game a 7/10

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