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Zero's Battle Battle Revolution
Author: ACE_Spark Submitted: 31st July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 309

The Game: Zero's Battle Battle Revolution!
The Time: Er... now?
The Place: Megaman X Series..

Er.. sorry.. that sounds cheesy, er, onto the infomation!

Zero's Battle Revolution is a fan game of both Megaman X and those hundreds of Dance Dance clones.
Except both ideas have been totally changed to form, what I would call, a unique fan game.

The basic idea is when a button is over the top of Zero (you), press the correct button and you'll do an attack to who-ever your enemy is. Press the wrong button, too early, or too late, then the enemy hits you. Simple as that.
Not your standred "Crud platform-movement, mixed graphics" fan game, eh?

There are 6 levels, each with a different twist to it, for example, the first boss is pritty basic, with you simply having to press the button (out of the arrow keys, enter, ctrl and shift) it shows you, but the next one has these buttons reversed!

* In game artwork of mine, sport cut scenes.
* As the boss losses health, the music's speed also increases!
* 6 levels of button mashing madness!
* In game options allow you to make the game as difficult as you like.

Having trouble with what to do? Here's some tips:
* As the boss losses more health, the faster they'll send the buttons!
* On Vile, while the arrow keys are reversed, the buttons CTRL, Shift and Enter are unaffected.
* Megaman X may seem impossible to hit, but your probably pressing the wrong buttons! Think of what the number displayed is, and then press the opposite number in 1 - 9, (E.g: Press 9 instead of 1, when 1 shows up.)
* Sigma requires you to know what order the aplhabet is in, remember that!

Really stuck? Here's some passwords:

I know it's a fan game, but before reveiwing/commenting/praising/flaming..
a) Yes the graphics are ripped, but all from the MMx series on the Snes, and the cut scene peices are my artwork.
b) Some music is from Megaman X, some are midis by Jason Orme.
c) As stated, it's a fan game, but it doesn't mean its crap.

Please give feedback, thanks!

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Posted by Assault Andy 1st August, 2003

I don't really like it how it plays like dance dance revolution. When i first played it, i was trying to move everywhere then i kept dying. On the 2nd attempt i realized that it was like DDR. Also when it changes to reverse mode in the 2nd level there isn't much warning. There is that screen that shows you the buttons, but there should be a flashing string saying "WARNING REVERSE!" -Andy
Posted by Kirby Smith 1st August, 2003

Well, I made it to Sigma on my second try, but I can't get past him for some reason. Not a bad game, though I can think of a few improvements. 1. Make it so the game can run full screen. It would make the letters a lot easier to read. 2. For the number levels, make it so that you can use the num-pad instead of the top row. 3. Make the shift key say SHIFT. It took me a couple hits to figure out what the dot meant.
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 1st August, 2003

A fun game!
Posted by ACE_Spark 1st August, 2003

Assault: Points taken and noted, you probably got confused because the admin said it was a Megaman clone, when its not. Kirby: 1) You kno, funny thing is, I tried that, and it won't let me do it. 2) Point noted. 3) Er.. my bad, sorry. Joeri: Thanks.
Posted by yuyu 1st August, 2003

Nice game but it gets boring fast!
Posted by ACE_Spark 1st August, 2003

It wasn't really designed to last long. The next game Im releasing will. ^^
Posted by c.j 1st August, 2003

A good game which gets harder as you progress through the levels reminds me of dancing stage but other wise a good game
Posted by TH333 1st August, 2003

Hey, what is the next game you're realeasing?
Posted by Jason Orme 1st August, 2003

Yup... A Fun Game... Sadly, I carnt Beat Vava... I just Get A Kick Out Of The Fact That My Midis Were Used :D
Posted by UF Comtec 1st August, 2003 This rocked!
Posted by renneF 2nd August, 2003

pretty good game, I like the way you didn't try to mage a typical fangame and added a new twist
Posted by The DogCow 2nd August, 2003

My review is finished. 7/10 is the highest for any game I've reviewed so far. It's good to see a fan game get some frontpage treatment. Can't wait to see what you're working on.
Posted by xXAaronXx 3rd August, 2003

how do you beat the second sigma guy..
Posted by xXAaronXx 3rd August, 2003

ok nm, i beat it, but the last sigma is just sittin there with his eyes closed but not explodin because the game messed up, no more keys are flyin by or anything, he has no life, but wont explode, and there is no way im goin through the last guys again. o well.
Posted by ACE_Spark 3rd August, 2003

Thanks DogCow! Really appriate the review. :-)
Posted by ChrisB 4th August, 2003

Short, sweet, and stupidly hard at the end. I managed to finish it, but only just. Nice but I would've appreciated it more in full-screen. It would be cooler if it was like Space Channel 5, though. "Slash, slash, juuuuu-mp kick!"
Posted by ACE_Spark 5th August, 2003

"Short, sweet, and stupidly hard at the end." Lol! "I would've appreciated it more in full-screen." As daft as it sounds, I tried adding full screen too it, but it wouldn't have it, and simply didn't want to add the option. :-/ Stupid MMF..
Posted by MIG2 11th August, 2003

very nice game.good programming and fun but it will be greater in full screen. that game is sometimes to hard ,(the tiles comes to fast ,with the reverse,when the ennemi is too right on the screen you turning crazy).but i found a tips to finish it easily "push alt" to pause the game when the tile appear then you have all the time you need to found the good key. however i liked that game --thumbs up.
Posted by Mervin Hernandez 11th August, 2004

so iz good






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