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Review: Strike-Down 3
Author: Blackgaze
Added: 18/08/2003

Ok Strike Down is about a guy preventing the bad guys from taken or destroying the world. the past two games were hard and so-so. although this looks like the other two games it is better.

Presentation is good, could off been improved with an intro movie but a lot of games dont have movies so its fair. It has a menu with a lot of links, better than just two or three.
Presentation: 8/10.

although I said at the begining this game has a changed a lot, the gameplay is the same. The gamplay (sorry edwin) its not very good. enemies shoot after they die, basic movment, no powerups, a lot of bugs. But this is better than a lot of games i have played.
Gameplay: 5/10.

Graphics is better than the last two. some backgrounds are nice graphics, better than mine sometimes a lot of the enemies have 1 or 2 animations. that should be improved. the boss graphics should of been better (the last boss mainly). Maybe you need some research of graphics if you make Strike Down 4.
Graphics: 6/10.

The sound and music is all ripped, but my games have ripped music so i shutup now. maybe SD4 if made should have music made by yourself. Some music matches the level which is good and what that needs.
Sound and Music: 6/10.

although this game has password and over 70 levels you dont see them or you dont get them easy, maybe try and make sure people who play this see the password next time
although you get fed up with this sometimes (boss or level you cannot do) when i se my game list what to play, I pick this game a lot of the times than the others. Because I love seeing final bosses in games.
Lastability: 5/10.

Its a good game but has a lot of bugs to be cured, i hope Strike Down 4 is much better! well done Edwin.
Overall: 6/10.

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