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Strike-Down 3
Author: eyeangle Submitted: 6th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 121

Edited By Edwin Street on 9/17/2012

Edited By Edwin Street on 12/27/2009

Strike-Down 3 has 70 levels with 111 frames all up. It features a high-scores screen, multi-player battle, music picked from memorable video games, a goodies and baddies viewing screen, frequent bonus levels, multiple paths you can take in the game, a world map and passwords.

Each level is a 2D puzzle where you must get the your little man character to the end, avoiding obstacles such as spikes, shooting men, crocodiles, spiders, and automatic guns.

The game is let down a bit with its buggy engine and graphics.

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Posted by Blackgaze 7th August, 2003

Well this is better than the other two. But you still have the gun problem (when enemies die they still fire their gun). Lot of good puzzles :)
Posted by Smeggy 7th August, 2003

gah, stop using chrono triggers music, its too good for this game..
Posted by Dark One 7th August, 2003

1 and 2 sucked no offense I'll downloading this one I might review it
Posted by eyeangle 8th August, 2003

Posted by eyeangle 8th August, 2003

What do you mean by buggy engine?
Posted by Pete Nattress 8th August, 2003

very buggy movement (getting stuck to the side of moving platforms is a main one). graphics... well, at least they're original. but still not very good. presentation is poor, everything loks like it was done in word. and the system buttons on the menu dont help. i would definetly suggest another look at the engine. and perhaps you should tidy up the graphics, they look like they were done in paint. you can download trial versions of many pieces of graphics software if you want to give the game a more professional feel. in short: needs work.
Posted by Pete Nattress 9th August, 2003

what? do you know what "exactly" means?
Posted by eyeangle 9th August, 2003

I didn't use custom platform movement for Strike-Down 3 but I will be using it for Strike-Down 4.
Posted by yuyu 10th August, 2003

I dont see whats so wrong with the default movement engine! Everyone is completely obsessed with custom ones but games that use the default platform engine usually contain alot more of what i like to call FUN! eg. Fishead. And this game is great btw Ed
Posted by eyeangle 12th August, 2003

Good news guys. The baddies in Strike-Down 3 no longer shoot after they have been hit. Thanks for the idea Spiderhead.:)
Posted by Blackgaze 12th August, 2003

Posted by Paul FitzGerald 28th August, 2003

Hey eddie, goddamn mad game!! i love it!! thanks for helping me make Fox Hunter.... every body must love SD3!!!
Posted by Paul FitzGerald 29th August, 2003

u guys are too mean!!!Dwight Watson y be negative for? ed, dont take notice, keep up the awesome games!






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