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Review: Thuginit
Author: Pete Nattress
Added: 27/08/2003

Hmmm, I feel inclined to write a review to balance the good reviews this gameís been getting.

I donít hate this game, itís an original concept and youíll see it for the first time and chuckle at your character, a fairly well drawn, cartoony thug. But the first level, at least, looks very ugly. The background is just sparse and white, the pavement a gradient backdrop. This isnít the best looking game ever.

After walking around for a bit, youíll notice your pants start to fall down (obviously buying a belt was out of the question for this particular thug). Oh hah hah, you may think, and chuckle again. But the novelty soon wears off as you constantly walk around the town tapping the control key. Your pants fall down if youíre not moving, which is annoying to me as I write this reviewÖ oh damn, Iíve been arrested for ďindecent exposureĒ again, to which I am inclined to say ďwhat the fuck!Ē He still has his underpants on! Funny maybe, but annoying, definitely.

Itís an adventure game, pressing keys to correspond to actions. The games weakness is your total lack of choice. Press the wrong key, and youíll inevitably wind up with a bullet in your thorax. E.g. give the guy his stereo back and heíll shoot you. WHY? You canít rob the clerk of the store (he shoots you), unless you push a sign over first. Sorry, I donít get it.

Moving swiftly on, one word for each: music: unoriginal, sound: basic, presentation: below average (OK, thatís 2 words, sue me), lastability: none.

Overall, itís a vaguely amusing caricature of Ēthug cultureĒ, let down by its linearity, and annoyances. Get shot and you have to start all over. Itís not going to last you for long, once youíve seen one pants falling down joke, youíve seen them all. Thuginit is very original, one of the few positive things I can say about it.

Only worth the download if youíre bored. 4/10.

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