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Review: Akuji the Demon
Author: Pio Canlas
Added: 28/08/2003

Made by Nobuyuki, Akuji the Demon pits you in a dungeon as Akuji the demon himself. The story is simple, Akuji was the terror back in the day and good ol righteous sword wielding knight banishes the demon to an underground pit of solitude along with the rest of his powers hoping never to be seen again. Revenge anyone ?


I say it like that because the mechanichs of this game run like CastleVania but graced with the simplicity of Kirby Super star. But dont let it fool you , this game has depth. You collect crystal skulls to gain HP, and you hunt down power ups to gain new skills and access new areas. This game has its abundant share of dungeon element and skill-based challenges that uses every skill inherent or gained, to reach a goal. Theres even variety in the enemies you encounter, requiring for versatility and some crafty thinking to beat their offenses.

It doesn't rely on them too much it only does enough to give a player an effective feel of the interactive experience. But that doesn't mean its JUST enough. As far as i can say, its GOOD. The character design for the enemies and the player are very characteristic and original, giving it flavor and variety among other games i've seen. Theres even bonus art you can scrounge around the dungeon to collect if you're really into the graphics factor.

Waves man, Waaaaves.

All I can say is that they're original and enough to get the player into the interactive experience. There aren't a lot of songs for the BGM. But that doesn't mean they're bad. I just hoped that there was more tunes to listen to. But they too are original and fit well with the game's mood.

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