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Akuji the Demon
Author: Nobuyuki Submitted: 24th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 496

In a certain country there once lived a demon named "Akuji". Akuji liked to cause mischief and trouble to the people. The people were very worried, until one day a great hero came to the land. After much intense fighting, Akuji was defeated by this hero. Akuji's powers were stripped of him and sealed into nine stones, while Akuji himself was thrown into a dungeon deep underground.

The hero was decorated for his noble efforts and went on to marry the princess and become the King. Now, Akuji seeks to regain his powers and have his revenge on the king.


You play as Akuji, fighting through over five areas to regain your powers and soul back to transform back to your former self. Play multiple times for better ending ranks and hidden galleries. Two hidden rooms are unlocked depending on how well you did in the game!

This is the OFFICIAL English translation of Akuji the Demon, presented by Do-jin Nyuu! The download link will take you directly to the Akuji project's webpage, where you can find instructions on how to play, download, and patch the game to English language. It has been over 2 weeks work in translation, on and off over the past 6 months. Please enjoy.



Planning / Programming / Pixel art: Buster
Music: Zak
CG: Naoku

Translation Credits:
Main Translation / Hex Editing / CG Retouch: Nobuyuki
Documentation: Podunkian

Special thanks to Tonee for help with the credits screen, and Buster for giving permission for us to make this project possible.

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Posted by Mitch M 24th August, 2003

ooooooh :)
Posted by Astral_86 24th August, 2003

WOW ! O_O This looks INTERESTING !! OMG !
Posted by Astral_86 24th August, 2003

totemo omoshiroi da yo!!
Posted by ChrisB 24th August, 2003

You idiot! You forgot to blur the second image! Gahh! You just can't get the staff these days... Oh, and he just did the translation, he didn't actually make the game. Well done for doing it, though. Hmm, I can't remember if I have an lzh unpacker or not :P
Posted by Klikmaster 24th August, 2003

Umm, when i play, the text is all unreadable symbols, do i need a special font? If so you should include it with the file
Posted by Nobuyuki 24th August, 2003

The default language is Japanese, you must install the patch available at the project site...
Posted by TUGAgames 24th August, 2003

was this game on gamehippo?
Posted by Nobuyuki 24th August, 2003

The original version was released on several sites, including gamehippo and vector.
Posted by CYS 25th August, 2003

Played this before. It's a great game!
Posted by Shubduse 25th August, 2003

Really great game. I have played it before, but i have never realised, that it's Click game... What program was used to make that game?
Posted by Nobuyuki 25th August, 2003

Akuji was created in Delphi 6 freeware edition, using the Quadruple D game library.
Posted by The Chris Street 28th August, 2003

You dont make it easy to download dude XD And Pio, all Nobuyuki did was translate the game, he wasnt behind the coding ;)
Posted by cake 29th August, 2003

OMG this game is unbelievable well made. The graphics made me weep at their perfection, i stopped my game making for 2 days because i fel unworthy lol. I'd have to say it could have had different BGMs for the different worlds tho that same tune was a little disappointing :(
Posted by Kareem Kamel 29th August, 2003

Excellent , Perfect , Outstanding this one of the best platform games I ever played ! despite some movmement/jumping buggyness this is a must have for any platform fan .
Posted by cake 29th August, 2003

yes it took me a while to get used to the strange movement of Akuji sama. I think it isn't a bug tho i think its intentional because after i adjusted to it it made sense to me, you dash when you want better control and walk when, well, you just never walk lol.
Posted by Astral_86 30th August, 2003

how to get one of those lzh unpackers?? :S I wanna play this game !!
Posted by Klikmaster 30th August, 2003

use a zip program that supports it, i used filzip
Posted by Pio Canlas 1st September, 2003

I dont get why im the only person who thinks this game is worth a review. Real sorry for not paying attention to the credits but hey, why the hell would you care after finally finishing the game at 3 in the morning. Twas quite an experience.
Posted by G@vie 6th September, 2003

Akuji The Demon is one of the best Platform games I've ever seen!! Awesome dude!! I just had to finish this game, couldn't get enough of it. I wonder if you'll make a akuji2 :)
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 14th October, 2003

Yea this game was pretty great.I probably prefer iy over ED (i never cared for ED too much even though i know of all the effort put into it and how good it really is).Its kind of short,but the fun factor is definitely great.I beat it in 1 hour and 3 min.. I should have got everything tho :(.Oh well maybe ill get the time to go back over it sometime.Well im not gonna review it though it devinitely is worth reviewing like Pio said.
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 2nd November, 2003

Marvelous game.I still don't understand why it's not on top
Posted by 醤油の兵士 3rd December, 2003

Awesome Game! Stuffit Works for LZH files too (don't ask why i have stuffit expander, it is really lousy)
Posted by Tom 6th April, 2004

This game is just great. But why isn't it so well known?






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