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Review: Unknown Game 3353
Author: Johan Hargne (Wartagon)
Added: 04/09/2003

Fighting Spirit gave me the feeling of a good game when i first started to play it because of the good looking village in the very beginning. I liked the way you could talk to people, go into houses and stuff. I believe that the music was pretty good. It fitted right in.

I thought that I've found the game of the year almost, until I walked out from the village. Not that the game became bad or something but the game kind of lost it's idea. The game was more based on jumping than hitting enemies with your sword. If the creator could make the game more Fighting Spirit, I would like the game alot! The sound-effects wasn't that good either. I wonder... Should a sword sound like that when you're swinging it? The sound was anoying.
And that snow-storm in the beginning.. That is too hard For me.
That storm maby should appear a bit further into the game. (I had problems passing that)
Just some small problems, but the well animated figures & backrounds made me change the attitude about the game a bit.

The saving technique was did work good. Not too good though... Sometimes you maby want to save your game, but you can't because you must find those damn saving-spots.

Another anoying thing was the birds which kind of follows you where ever you go. Just to dive right into you while you've not have that much of a chance to kill it. Some AI would be perfect to the red snakes maby? It would raise the gameplay level a bit more. The game would be more fun to play

I will give this game 7 stars

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