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Review: Ballmaster 2
Author: Marine
Added: 04/10/2003

Alright I'm agreeing with The Hill Gigas on this one but I'm putting it in my own words.

Everything looked great the gameplay, music, and especially grapics, but with a register where ever you go it's no good. I downloaded it, I got a register tab, Maybe later, picking balls, register tab, picking levels, register tab, everything was a tab for a register! I did not register because I was told never to register any thing off a game I get. Every level seemed to need registering and I hope you didn't have to register for each level and ball!

I just now heard you had to register with money from The Hill Gigas and that's what got me on this game. If you didn't have to pay I wouldn't get as worried about it. I was the first one to download this game and I really hoped more would come in but so far, 4 more have downloaded. In other words, " Great big game! Itty-bitty playing space." Don't waste the computer's memory space and not give a good game or long game in return!Take off the registration fee and I bet a lot more people would want to download your BallMaster 2.

So in other words until you finish changing or change the register parts,not Manycan say a lot of this game and could get frustrated because of this. The balls and levels looked great and I'd like to play the game if I could, but I can't register the parts of the game.

So you really should just change and take off tha registering and you'll most likely get more downloads, reviews, and better reviews.

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