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Ballmaster 2
Author: steve Submitted: 4th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 195

Once again, the Balls are up to their things to kick some butt in Ballmaster2- the sequel to Ballmaster. This is a completed game with many new features (thus, the download file is larger in size):

A. Level Editor
B. Enhanced Ball A.I. teaming/fighting
C. Enhanced Graphics
D. 111 unique Stages
E. Smarter Enemies

*Some of these features are for the full version. If you would like the full version key, please email me. Thanks!

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 (5.8mb )

Posted by Healing Silver Dragoon 4th October, 2003

Looks good!
Posted by Teapot 4th October, 2003

It's too big to download, but this is the greatest title for a game I have ever seen!!!!!
Posted by steve 4th October, 2003

You really don't have to download it, because DC members are not my target market. With all my games, I'm showing you a few things: 1. The potential of MMF 2. Something solid that is a strong competitor in the online shareware gaming industry 3. Just enjoying the game And once in awhile giving me feedbacks so I can improve it =)
Posted by steve 4th October, 2003

*On the side note, I made the game Shareware is not because I want to gain sales from DC - I have no intention of doing whatsoever. I did this for security reason- so that there is no full version floating around the net. It costs me over $500 to produce this game and over hundreds of hours. I want to acheive at least a break even. So please, judge this game based on its merit as a game, not that it is a shareware. Thanks!
Posted by steve 4th October, 2003

Since you're new here, I can't blame you for pointing out your reasons. I have been posting shareware games over a year ago. I just want to showcase my project and to show what is involve with building a shareware games. Look at my past projects and articles are you will see. This is a community- I give to the community and I gain from it as well: from the suggestions of helpful DC members here. Another thing is, all my games have nag screens. I know it is a bit annoying, but it comes packaged with the shareware version. Yes, Ballmaster2 is limited, but I personally feel that it has many features that makes this game worth playing.
Posted by Rhys D 6th October, 2003

WTF?!?! $500? Money well spent ;) hahahahahahaha
Posted by Rott bott 8th October, 2003

I just can't stop la˙ghing at the name! It's so funny! Great game anyway!
Posted by MOOOO 7th February, 2004

This pwnz0r3d! GET IT!






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