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Review: Nerds Strike Back!
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 06/10/2003

I was just searching for my own name on The Daily Click to improve my ego (which is already at huge proportions because some people have actually begun to leave comments on my songs) that I discovered that I was mentioned in the description, and my laptop had had special considerations taken for it, elderly and infirm as it is. Having discovered that, I thought it would only be polite to review it (and the fruit basket may or may not come later, Ashman).

What we have here, anyway, is a classic nerdy puzzle game, similar to the ancient "Chip's Challenge" - actually, that's just a guess, really, as I've never played it myself. You have to guide your nerd past deadly obstacles such as spikes and falling platforms by using various sliding blocks, bombs, and so on, strewn around the level. No documentation is provided, but everything you need is in the description on TDC, so pay attention to that.

Let's go back a bit and have a word about the title screen - rather than smoothly sliding on to the screen at both sides, the formulae appear at the right then slide off. This was probably intentional, but it does look a little strange.

The graphics are well drawn, but rather small for the most part. This really serves to give it the feel of an old Windows 3.1 game rather than being especially difficult to see, though (remember those Micro games?) Those walls get a bit samey after a while, though.

The engine that's used for the game is based on grid movement, as you would expect from a game like this. It never feels sluggish, though. The game starts off gently enough, but gets progressively harder, even by the third level. Each of the stages is very well thought out and implemented, though, which gives just the right frustration level.

The music is another good point of the game, very puzzle-game-like. (Well, what else can I say?) Well done to both Circy and Ashman for that.

There are a couple of bugs, though - for example, the fan on the fourth level doesn't blow you away even when it's turned on. That was really the only oversight that I saw in the game. I'm not really sure what the value of having finite lives in a puzzle game like this is, either. Otherwise, it's a very enjoyable and taxing game.

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