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Nerds Strike Back!
Author: Ashman Submitted: 6th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 388
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Edited By Ashman on 9/6/2003

Nerds strike back!
Not much in the way of stories. This began as my attempt to show up a friends puzzle game (done and dusted ), but I actually enjoyed making it so it stuck. Not a huge amount of levels, but a need to continue with other games and a severe mental block in the way of puzzle design, left me with simply 15 levels of puzzle-y fun and action, plus a bonus world. Basically you control a little nerd who likes to warp. Reach the warp at the end of each level to proceed to the next.

There are 3 save slots to save your game, and a nifty little side quest to collect the bowling ball in each level. The bowling ball is placed in your inventory temporarily, until you complete the level. Only then will you keep the ball. This is to ensure that you can collect the bowling ball, and not compromise your path to the end.

If you complete the game with all Bowling Balls you will unlock a 2 player 'Hang the Nerd' game. It is basically Hangman but with trivia rather than guessing letters. You are given a clue and given 3 chances to get the answer otherwise..... Play with your friends by creating your own questions. Ensure you collect each ball as you go, as you cannot double back through levels. If you miss even one, you must start a new game.

Arrow Keys - Moving up/down/left/right
CTRL - Place your personal button block (supply limited, read on)
Space - Place a bomb (supply limited, read on)
ESC - Restarts the level. You will lose a retry.

One way tiles - The arrows on these indicate which direction these tiles allow.
Blocks - The arrows on these indicate which way they can be pushed.
Spikes - A pointy hazard, although they can be put down.
Crumbling Floor - These are stable floors until the nerd stands on them. You may remain on them for as long as you wish, but the second you step off, they will crumble.
Switches - These must have constant weight on them to remain active. Only Blocks will be heavy enough. They perform tasks around the levels.
Personal Button Block - You recieve one per level. Press SHIFT to place it, stand over it to pick it up again. You must have it in your possession to place it.
Bombs - Best for demoliting boulders that obstruct your path. You can only carry four at a time. You can replenish your supply of bombs while standing on the flashing bomb tile. BEWARE : Do not stand too close to the blast. It will kill you.
Teleporters - Blue teleporters signify the end of the level, while Red teleporters transport you to another area in the puzzle.
Fans - These pesky contraptions push you into the wall. You cannot move until the fans momentum is physically interupted.


The Mediocre Mile
The first world and the most basic. Puzzles with no real theme.

The Slippin' 'n Slidin' Segment
The second world and a difficult one. The theme here is....ICE!! Your feet have no traction in this world, and once you start moving in a certain direction you cannot stop until you hit something.

The Frying Floor
The final stage. The theme here is heat, but not of the stereotype variety. Actually the best way to describe this red hot world, is to take the name literally. The floor is so hot, that if you stay on any one spot for more than 1 second, you will die. It makes fast paced thinking a must in this do or fry world.

::::: Special Notes ::::::
*A big hug and a cup of warm cocoa to the illustrious Circy for his midi help.
*I am expecting a huge fruit basket from one Wong Chung Bang as I added the 'Select Resolution' frame at the start solely for him and his tempremental laptop and it's pixel changing issues.
*Eating the celery burns more calories than the celery itself gives back.

Enjoy this game!!!

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Posted by Ashman 6th September, 2003

And before I hear complaints, yes every level of this game is possible. For a couple of the trickier ones I have uploaded some AVI's of the solution in case anyone dares to question me.
Posted by Tom 6th September, 2003

Good game. Thumbs up. {smilebig}
Posted by Ashman 6th September, 2003

Woah! Already a comment and it hasn't even been officially accepted yet! Go me!
Posted by Tom 7th September, 2003

Completed and reviewed.
Posted by Penguin Seph 7th September, 2003

Good game!
Posted by Earwig 7th September, 2003

Not a bad game. I liked some of your ideas and Id give it a good reveiw except i dont write enough.
Posted by Hayo 8th September, 2003

hey cool u showed me screens of this a long time ago, I thought you cancelled it or something :) thumbs up!
Posted by Klikmaster 8th September, 2003

I finally completed level 1!
Posted by Astral_86 8th September, 2003

this looks very good !!! =D
Posted by Astral_86 8th September, 2003

HEY ! make this a little easier...will ya? I mean...I couldn't even solve the 1st stage! >_<
Posted by ChrisB 8th September, 2003

I'll stop eating celery then.
Posted by Tom 10th September, 2003

Easier?! This game is already fairly easy...
Posted by Simon Colmer 10th September, 2003

Posted by Astral_86 14th September, 2003

Heh...I was VERY clumsy :P Although I think stage 1 is a little too hard...I mean you should be able to complete the stage even as a beginner, ya know...
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 14th September, 2003

This game is great. I don't see what the others are talking about... it doesn't really get hard until just before the ice stages, and even then it's only that hard if you try to get the bowling ball. This game is well coded and I've yet to find a bug. Good job, Ashman.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th September, 2003

The music is outstanding, specially the ingame music
Posted by KeyrenZero 21st September, 2003

its a great game, but what IS the bowling ball for?
Posted by Bethan 15th October, 2005

the link isn't working





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