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Review: Simon the Monkey
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 11/10/2003

Remember the days when virtually every game company had to have a furry mascot with a "the" in the middle of their name? Sonic the Hedgehog, Bubsy the Bobcat, Titus the Fox, Mario the Italian Plumber of Questionable Sexuality... the list goes on and on. In this revival of a trend, the hero of the game is Simon the Monkey, who has to collect golden bananas to save his jungle. That's about as much plot as a platform game needs.

After a logo screen backed up with some sort of screaming nu-metal band that I don't recognise, the intro is well-drawn but irritates with its numerous spelling errors and sound effects, which really have to be heard to be believed. You're then deposited in the first level, "Bongo Forrest". That's right, like "Forrest Gump". I'll ignore the spelling errors from now on and concentrate on the game.

It's strange how the presentation of the game and the gameplay itself don't really match up. The game resembles Mario more than anything else, and is a very basic Click platformer (obviously with the default movement) but has attempts to build on that - for example, with the spring movement and moving platforms. The spring movement is a little strange, but at least it's there - and everything seems to be in place for a decent game. The inclusion of a "sneak" feature is a nice touch.

Collect-em-ups may have limited appeal, though. It's certainly competent, but there's nothing really special about it. Sometimes games come together well, sometimes they don't... I'm still undecided about this one to be honest.

(I know that my mention of spelling errors seems a bit of a trivial point, but they do quickly become annoying. Always spell check your game, so people can't make cheap jokes at your exponse.)

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