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Simon the Monkey
Author: Zane Submitted: 9th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 195

Edited By Zane on 4/25/2004

Edited By Zane on 11/18/2003

Edited By Zane on 10/9/2003

A platform game I made. You play a monkey called simon who must rescue his family a retreve the golden bannanas. The graphics are ok but a but shakey in places, and the bosses arnt very good. Some of the music is written by me but not all of it. The ending movie is not there as I couldent get it working properly. Hope you like it. It is quite challenging. Ive worked hard on this so be nice.

UPDATE : Patch available -

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Posted by Klikmaster 10th October, 2003

Not a bad game. Springing movement isnt to great.
Posted by Radix 11th October, 2003

I love monkeys. I didn't know that, but it seems I am. I had hoped Monkeypunch would cure me, but those invisible monkeys that live in my house; Theodore, Rudegar and Timmy (the midget monkey); are back again and they won't leave.
Posted by Zane 11th October, 2003

carnt complain at that review. Your right, I should have checked my spelling.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 12th October, 2003

I got an evil monkey that lives in my closet.
Posted by Zane 12th October, 2003

realy. whats it called?
Posted by Radix 12th October, 2003

Yeah, gime some contact details for your monkey, maybe he'll perform a hit on Theodore, who is starting to irritate me.
Posted by Radix 13th October, 2003

I can do a pretty good white handed gibbon impression with a partner to do the low hoots.
Posted by renneF 14th October, 2003

It seems monkeys are the new 'in' thing lol
Posted by Airflow 18th October, 2003

You should see my assorted collection of multi coloured monkeys! (lol)
Posted by Airflow 20th October, 2003

The first thing I noticed about this game was It's very difficult.And It's a bit buggy with pre-made platforming elements which don't actually work too well. However I like the none library graphics even though average. And It feels good when you pass a world because of the newly introduced items. The Gameplay is let down by difficulty and the absence of check points which would be easy to incorperate. It is quite fun if you get into it though. Ps. there are two glitches. -Monkey can cling onto sides of walls. -sometimes when using the jumping platforms You loose the ability to move leaving you going up and down helpless, making you reset the game. Worth getting if you don't mind waiting a while
Posted by Zane 20th October, 2003

Ive just started on my own platform movement for simon 2. Its going well but can anybody tell me how to do collisions.
Posted by Zane 5th November, 2003

I have made a patch that will improve the game in various ways. Starting and ending movies are now working, some bugs are fixed, couple of other things. get it at -
Posted by Zane 25th April, 2004

err - the patch now comes with the game





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