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Review: State Of Crisis 2
Author: Klikreview (Heretic Emu Studios)
Added: 14/10/2003

Two word review: Bug city

But the good news is that the bugs dont really get in the way of good gameplay!

Now here is a game that gets mega points for even trying to become GTA: vice city, but it actually works on many levels if you can pretend that graphics are ok.

You get to cruise in a car, get out, run around, pick up weapons and...

this is the best part...

you can walk into the damn movie theatre and watch a home movie! That was funny as hell. And the thing is, it was pointless. It was something added just for the fun of it. And that shows something that most other games dont have, a genuine interest in creating something fun. Regardless of whether or not it succeeds in being fun, things like this show a real effort on the part of the game to show a good time.

Sure there are bugs a plenty. I can drive my car through the theatre. I can drive my car off the play area and into the abyss. I can drive over people and splatter them into a pool of blood and they are just fine 2 seconds later (after a miraculous resurrection). I can also steer my car while Im OUT of my car. I seem to steer the police car, but it doesnt move, just spins there. I have a gun, but cant seem to find something to kill with it. There are a few anomalies on screen that drag trails across it as the background scrolls.

BUT there are many good things as well like I listed above. Best of all, there are missions. Your missions are always displayed in the top corner of your screen, and when you complete it, its on to the next objective!

Good job, fun game, more bugs than my great grandmas out-house. But hey, the sequel will be better.

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