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Review: State Of Crisis 2
Author: Knudde (Shab)
Added: 15/10/2003

Well, the sequel to one of the worst games I have ever played has just been released. And what can I say? Yes, it's better, but not much.

For example, upon first starting the game and being greeted by some of the UGLIEST logos I have ever seen, I looked beyond this and started the game. Free ride seems to be a good choice, well, it's not. Upon the level finally loading, I see what I assume to be my player standing there in his little pink outfit. I start him walking right and the car on my screen start to rotate. I didn't een touch them, they just kept on a rotating. Ok, I guess I can forgive that somewhat, ok I can't but lets move to the next thing.

My adventures contined when I entered an ugly green vehicle. Poof, character disappears now controling car. Ok, start driving and I encounter that the driving engine is the built in car movement. Great, hairpin turning nightmare. I decide to proceed further and run over some pedestrians, well, they die and leave a rather large blood splatter, that seems to hang about 7 feet in the air. Ok, next thing, off to the cinema, well when I can drive through it like it's not there, it's not a good thing. Entering the cinema on foot is also not recommended due to the crappiness of the movie (Waste of damn space), and also the fact that you lose your "weapon." I quote this because for some odd reason I can fire these "bullets" around and they go through people like railgun rounds, except slower, and I think that actual railgun rounds would HURT someone. Ok, upon exiting the cinema I decide to wander around a bit more, oh look a porn shop. I will admit it, this is probably the best part of the game, and it ain't even good. Anyway, you lose weapons and regain health when you exit this building too. Ok, I'm done with this "Free ride" shit, let me at the "Chopper Chase."

Oh, wait, a mission? Hey, now maybe this could save this..nope, sorry ain't happening. This wonderful addition tosses you in the same city, with a text box "Go pickup Steve at the porn shop" I go and try to pick up Steve, but the bastard doesn't want to get in, so I run him down with my car, and lo and behold, Steve magically appears to be in my car, now you can't see this, but the text tells me to go to the helipad. After 15 seconds of searching I happen upon this helipad. And drive into it with my car. Poof, the scene canges to a side scrolling view and a 5 sec clip of a KnP Library helicopter being chased by a police car. When this ends you suddenly control the helicopter. You can fire missiles and fly around, except that this chopper has the ability to fly in PAVEMENT, very useful, but just don't go to the bottom of the screen. Ok, when you load up this level, fire three missiles in the middle of the sky. Now proceed forward, notice those little explosions? Those are the remnants of the "Enemy Choppers" although the pilots must have been on something to get this dumb; Fly up, Fly down, Shoot a missle. Now, get to the end of this level, and nothing happens, your stuck, either blow yourself up or hit F2. Or my personal favorite. Ctrl+Alt+Del, Task Manager, End program. Shit+DELETE. I don't want this game to infect the rest of my computer, you have been warned.

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