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Review: wonder boy the profecy
Author: Spram
Added: 25/10/2003

Many Klik games try to emulate the look of old NES or SNES game, but I haven't seen many who try to emulate the look of other old consoles (except for MIG2's excellent Lost Valley and his other games). This game emulates the look of an old Master System, which makes sense since the SMS was the first console to be widely distributed in Europe, according to SeGa:

Now, how is the game. Let me get the bad out of the way.


1. There is no save or continue feature, I got pretty far away and died and had to start over. This makes me sad. A cool adventure game like this could use a save feature or at least a continue.

2. You cant go back screens. The main difference between a plataformer and an adventure plataformer like this is that in the later you can go back to previously visited levels and screens. You cant do that here, and that's sad.


1. The graphics, while not the best ever, do a very good jobs of looking like an old wonderboy game, while I liked the graphics in the Genesis (Megadrive) Wonderboy better, this are really good too.

2. The control. This game features a really decent custom engine that does the job quite nicely, not only of emulation how wonderboy moves, but also doesn't have any glitch that I have found yet. Can someone tell me how to do this? I mean, no.

3. Level design. While not revolutionary, the Level design in the game is pretty good. You meet many different enemies in the game and every new area has new graphics, which are consistent.

4. Leveling up-system. I have a problem with this one, and it's that you cant go back and level up and enemies dont respawn (that I know of), so it's kinda pointless, but cool.

5. Music, sounds just like an old Master System game. Maybe the music is from Old Wonderboy games, but I havent played them all, so i cant say. It's good anyway. The sounds effects are lacking, but they were lacking in Wonderboy, so it doesn't matter so much.

So go download this game now if you like The Wonderboy series, which needs a GBA sequel badly. This would do for the momment.

Sound and Music:

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