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wonder boy the profecy
Author: wonderboy bobi Submitted: 24th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 293

platformer game(tgf and mmf)

it's another adventure of the wonder boy.Most like tthe wonder boy in monster land.
You play a young human who has to save the monster land trought a variety of environnement(plains, deserts,caves,castles...)
In this adventure you'll have to kill boss biger and biger.

graphics totaly made by myself,in same design as the others wonder boys, progressive difficulty...
---with keyboard or with joystick----pressing ctrl+Y
good game.

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Posted by -_darkman_- 24th October, 2003

i was a fan of the wonderboy games. The original one with the skateboard was my favorite. I'll try this then. btw dont end your discription of your game by saying 'good game' as its your opinion
Posted by aaron_brammer 24th October, 2003

any reason why prophecy is spelt wrong?
Posted by 24th October, 2003

hah, oh well ill download the game cuz i could always go for a megaman-like, boss-fighting, shooter
Posted by Stian B. 25th October, 2003

Wonderboy is cool! I played this game a little.It reminds me about good old Wonderboy too :) And you made ALL the graphics?? Fun little game,dude!
Posted by Spram 25th October, 2003

This is a really cool game. Only problem is that lack of a continue option and not being able to go back. Other than that, it's awesome.
Posted by Fifth 25th October, 2003

Nice. I like the way you used master system music. I recognized the indoor song from Lord of the Sword, plus the music from the snail maze. But I'll agree with that it could use continue/save/extra lives or something. ...And those bats are evil.
Posted by The Chris Street 25th October, 2003

Agreed. The engine feels very similar to Fodos platform extention though, which isn't a bad thing. Its also a bit hard, but I like a lot.
Posted by Astral_86 25th October, 2003

What a REALLY good game! :) But...where is a save?? You don't have any health at all and when you've died you have to restart from the beginning!! Why is it so...? :( Anyway, great game!
Posted by wonderboy bobi 26th October, 2003

Hi every body i'm this game creator. I'm not french then sorry for my english level of speaking(this is why prophecy is bad spelt:P).BUt the title is well spelt in presentation. I have to tell that there's a stroy when you wait at the presentation screen. when i say good game, i mean have fun,i don't say that my game is great(cause i translated direclty from french words)! sry for the difficulty, i played with joystik and as i know the game perfectly i didn't see the game were hard...
Posted by wonderboy bobi 26th October, 2003

oh! i forgot to thank u!
Posted by UF Comtec 27th October, 2003

This is sweet. Since I am a fan of the Wonderboy-series, I really like this game. Must be the best fangame ever made? The graphics are cool too. Very nice!
Posted by -_darkman_- 27th October, 2003

really great game
Posted by yuyu 29th October, 2003

shuddup jonwog the games great!
Posted by Killerjedi 1st November, 2003

This is incredible! I say it's definetly one of the best click games I have ever played. The only thing it needs is some lives. Even three lives for the player would be great! Three lives... It doesn't even need continues. Just three. Hehe... other than that, this is just amazing. I love it! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I envy you, game-maker!





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