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Review: Metroid - The Egg Hunt
Author: Knudde (Shab)
Added: 23/11/2003

Where should I start on this game... Well how about here. This game reeks like a half week project that wasn't finished all the way and then released. I mean, you stick to the cieling, can teleport through walls, etc.
What reall pisses me off though is the absolute laziness that this game shows. Using a combination of ripped and modded graphics, along with some library ones this game is a mishmash of styles.
The gameplay is horribly flawed due to the levels not really lining up. I got lost often due to that this game has levels that do not interconnect well, I mean when I walk left 4 screens go down one and walk right 4 screens (All are the same size) I should be right underneath where I started right? Well not in this version of reality. Finding items is a bore and a chore, mostly due to the complete randomness this game suffers from. Now if you can endure this for long enough, you get to fight the boss, who takes off like 10 health for every .02 seconds you are in contact with it. So don't try to jump over the boss, but that's really all you can do considering the boss is gigantic. Seriously, I've seen better AI coding in Mario Fan games.

The music is surprisingly good, probably because it's a direct rip, but the whole 2 or 3 sound effects get old. All in all this should have been called Metroid - The Suck Hunt because it seems that there was very little effort put into this. Lack of testing flawed controls, hell flawed everything. I don't suggest this game to anyone unless you like disappointment or are a masochist.

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