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Metroid - The Egg Hunt
Author: Steve Submitted: 31st October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 197

"Join Samus Aran in this all original space quest! For those of you who have never played Metroid before, it is a side scrolling platform - space adventure. A mother Metroid (Alien being) has planted her children's eggs all over an unknown planet. These creatures are very dangerous and it is your job to destroy all of the eggs before they hatch. But, the eggs are hidden in different areas of the planet. After all of the eggs have been found and destroys, you must find and kill the mother metroid before she lays any more eggs. The game requires a gamepad and is played in a 640 X 480 resolution window."

NOTE: The main link for this game is for users with a gamepad. To download the "Keyboard Only" version, use:

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Posted by Owen.E 1st November, 2002

I love metroid im downloading it right now :) cant wait to play it! il give my review when i finish playin it ;)
Posted by Jason Orme 1st November, 2002

When i click the EXE it says please goto control panel. Whats up with that?
Posted by Owen.E 1st November, 2002

okay i just played it there now and i have to say that its actualy pretty good ^_^ i love the layout ofthe world its perfect...but why did u use gameboy pics..the snes was far better...and there was a little mistake u forgot to take out _ lol upon pressing the w key lol u get transported straight near the end with all eggs destroyed ^_^ take that out and u got urself a nice game
Posted by Rik 1st November, 2002

This is quite good, although I don't like the mixture of modern looking backdrops and character with retro-scenery and enemies and stuff. I like the way it has seperate screens instead of scrolling, reminds me of old C64 games.
Posted by oni 3rd November, 2002

I downloaded this game since I am a huge Metroid-fan, I started it and got a nice chill down my spine, then I waited for something spectacular to come on screen...babom...babom...(my heartbeat)babom... I threw up all over my keyboard! There is the message: "Please change your resolution to 640x480 since I am to lazy to use the display properties object!", I threw up even more! I started poking myself in my eye with a HUGE pencil, "NO! THIS CANNOT BE!!!" I screamed. With my eyes bleeding from the terrible introduction I started to swipe of all the mucus of my keyboard since the controls would force me to repeteadly drop my gamepad! And then I eventually started playing this horrible creation in hopes of it getting better, but NOO!!! It was terrible! I could jump through the walls by using the classic metroid "wall-jump-bug", and after venturing deep through this horrible "Rip-mix" I came to the boss with 6 eggs left to collect and got hit ONCE and died a horrible death! Then I said to myself;"ONI, remember to NEVER EVER play this horrible creation cleverly diguised as a Metroid game again!!!" And thus, I am here... Alone, no samus around... Only an Egg from the extremely dull title"The Egg-hunt"... The pain...the pain... //ONI
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 13th April, 2003

Anyone else teleport through walls to get around bugs like I did, run against a wall and hit down, then up, then down, etc. You'll phase through the wall. Nuts to you Mr. Physics
Posted by Lloyd Harvey 4th July, 2003

Your stupid game didn't work...Idiot. It told me to change my computer settings in the control panel, sort it out dawg!
Posted by Lloyd Harvey 4th July, 2003

Your stupid game didn't work...Idiot. It told me to change my computer settings in the control panel, sort it out dawg!
Posted by grandpa 11th March, 2005

Yo! Its a good Game.
Posted by His Royal Highness 2nd March, 2006

Wow installed and uninstalled in a matter of five minutes. well thanks for nothing. absoutly nothing. and to Quote Forrest Gump "Mama always said life was like a box a chocolates, never know what you're gonna get, but sometimes its a piece of crap metroid game that makes you wanna eat the still beating heart of a human baby then throw it up all over the pope".

I would be willing to bet this is the game mama was talking about
Posted by His Royal Highness 13th March, 2006

Can I quote someone quoting someone?

Well I did so BITE ME
Posted by -Dark Martin- 9th June, 2008
Rated :

Played it, except i couldn't move using the keyboard.

Then i used my old gamepad, works on everything, plug it in and guess what.... TI DOESN'T BLOODY WORK!

So congratulations for fucking up one of the greatest game series ever you asshole!
Posted by alastair john jack 20th October, 2008
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